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Pride month is one of the most colourful, creative, and fun times of the year, and nail art is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to celebrate with your look. All you really need is some nail polish, a nail art brush, and inspiration. To help you with the last bit, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Pride nail art. From bold and bright rainbows to subtle French manicure tips, there’s a look for every skill level and aesthetic. 

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Here are some nail arts we handpicked for you.

1. Holographic shimmer

Want your manicure to last through the month? These ombre holographic confetti tips will keep your nails looking good even after they grow out. 

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2. Water Paint nails:

This is one of the unique ideas for this pride month. Water painting your nails with some pastels this June is all you have to do for having this super cool look.

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3. Ombre nails:

This is not one of the ombre types you could easily DIY at home unless you have patience and strong hand-eye coordination. A way to wear the pride proudly is included in variants of the rainbow theme.

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4. Experiment with flowers:

Go on, don’t hesitate to show your love for pride. This is a different art from all, trying new ways to support pride with these cute pastel colour flowers with a dash of gold glitter. This is a total go to look for this pride month.

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5. Dots with pride:

Paint a nude shade and apply dots of different colours to make this your summer june pride month look. This is a subtle go to look plus you can DIY this mani by adding some sprinkles of silver glitter.


6. French pride tips:

Switch those white french tips with these adorable rainbow pastel skitells. This is one of my favourite picks, look at how simple and elegant this looks. You guys should definitely try this   out.   

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7. Orange-pink Neon:

Celebrate this pride month by painting neon colours to your nails. Look at this beautiful neon pink & neon orange with a silver glitter separating  two neons. It is a true beaut.

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8. Love language on your nails:

These nails need no explanation. In Mandarin, it reads: love is love. Say it louder for the people in the back.

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9. Go for neon this pride month:

Don’t feel like going all out with rainbow nails? No prob, this neon-green manicure is just as festive for Pride. I mean, you’re celebrating what makes you proud and happy, so your nails should reflect you.

10. Airbrush this pride month:

As one of the biggest nail trends in summer 2022, the airbrushed look makes for an understated yet highly customisable set in preparation for Pride Month.

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Alright lovers! That’s all for today! Happy painting! Let’s celebrate this pride month by spreading all the glitters and smiles everywhere. Enroll now and get Basic to Advance Nail art course online at affordable rate.

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