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Life is always better with pets, but best with dogs (loyal dog mama). After crossing swords with everyone at your house against the decision of getting a dog and finally getting your hands on one, your job doesn’t end there. Owning a dog is all fun and games until you realise you are making a commitment to it. Dear dog parents, keep in mind that with ownership comes responsibility. It is time to pull up your socks and do the needful to make your home a comfortable place for your doggie-boo to spend the rest of its life. 

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Listed below are the 10 pet products every dog owner should have in their possession to take good care of their pups. 

1. Collar

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 One of the prior must-haves for your pup is a fitting collar. The entire identity of your doggie relies on this collar so much that if it runs away from home, it’s a one-way ticket to home. Make sure you feed the necessary information and hang it on the collar. It also comes in handy when your dog becomes over-enthusiastic and tries to get away from your hold during a walk–because you can attach your leash to it.

2. Food bowl  


Set a corner for your dog with separate bowls for food and water. Ensure that the bowls are on an elevated platform so that it is easy on the neck for the dog to eat and drink. A rubber base on the bowls is an added advantage to staying put without skidding.

3. Food mat

Doggos are messier—bigtime! A wise solution to this would be to place a food mat under its feeder bowl. Because no matter how much it spills and makes a mess, you only have to clean the food mat and not the entire corner. Apart from keeping the floors clean, they are also slip-resistant, so double bonanza! 

4. Proper bedding 

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Your dog needs a bed for itself, even if it sleeps beside you at night. A sofa bed with foam is ideal for puppies, but if your dog is an extraordinary chewer, these cushion beds won’t work and will turn into mere wool and feathers. So investing in a PVC elevated dog bed is the best bet to put a stop to all the biting and for your dog to get a good night’s sleep. 

5. Crate

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Some may find crates absolutely unnecessary as they do not like the idea of shutting the dog in a constrained box. But at times, it is convenient when you want to carry your dog somewhere, lock it up when people drop in, or crate your naughty lil’ sofa destroyer on your night out! 

6. Chew toy

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While you have Netflix to chill, don’t you think your dog needs some time to itself? You cannot always walk your dog to the park for its playtime. Keep your dog entertained with the right set of toys to ‘chew’ its boredom away.

7.Grooming tools


Cut a visit to the dog parlour by getting your hands on grooming tools for your dog, thereby saving up the thousands you spend for each session. Become an at-home dog stylist with pet clippers and trimmers, shampoos, brushes, and dryers. 

8. Pet gates

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Just as you babyproof your place when your kid starts crawling around, the same applies to your baby doggie. Create a barrier using pet gates to block your dog from high-risk spots like a staircase, kitchen, baby nursery, etc. It is also one of the best forms of house training a dog. 

9. Poop bags 

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While a litter box is convenient for a cat, not all dogs can fit in a litter tray. Therefore, if your dog is not toilet trained, you can make use of poop bags to pick out dog waste and toss it out. 

10. Loads of treats! 

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It’s a given that doggies are synonymous with treats. For every little activity it does, from shaking hands and picking up a ball to learning new tricks, a dog’s medal is its treat. So keep stocking up on the treat box because you don’t want to disappoint your dog. 

Once your dog sets its paw on your house, it becomes an addition to your family, and it is your duty to take care of your dog’s basic needs. Create a safe environment and see to it that your dog is happy and healthy. Save this article and tick off your checklist once you get hold of all ten must-haves! Dog mommas, are you ready to paw-ty?

If you are a new dog parent, check out our blog attached below to learn how to take care of your pet responsibly. 

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