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Hair and makeup inspiration, sorted.

Deciding how to do your make-up when you are a wedding guest is a challenging task. You probably do not want to outshine the bride, but at the same time you want to look really good – just in case you land up in the wedding pictures.

We know the importance of pairing your attire with the perfect make-up to add that extra oomph to the overall look. By scrolling down the IG feed of various renowned make-up artists and beauty bloggers all over the world, we’ve rounded up this 10 easy-to-create, and mesmerizing make-up looks to make sure you leave the guests bedazzled with your beauty. Whether you are a noob or have a knack for make-up, you can definitely try these out for the next wedding you attend.

Understated eyeliner: The classic winged eyeliner with red lipstick

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Image Courtesy: InBeautyMag

PRO TIP: There is a shade of red for every girl – find the right one for you. Master your winged eyeliner with the help of cello tape and ace this timeless make-up look.

Colour Pop

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Image Courtesy: KaushalBeauty

PRO TIP: Opt for an overly dramatic eyelash extension for this look and go for vibrant eyeshadow shades like coral blue, bottle green, orange or purple. Balance it out with nude lips.

Sheer Shimmer

hROO2W17R inBsuTemJsYLM3ukSWaK7l 9g6yMLEz2LsF3UIYgXy8r11J7JosPb8CXv7xpo0Kq80 XfOd52XA7d1ffEF6aBpdGcVR6Fp5TmK2yNqk lD9jLaaTHolKoEOpywnNz
Image Courtesy: BobbiBrownIndia

PRO TIP: Bored of the regular grey and black smokey eyes? Add coloured shimmer eyeshadow over the centre of your eyelids to add an extra drama to your look.

Barely there: Nude eyes & Peach pout

f0Zg4XUHaJIn1 9v5padujr4NlqGEKmzZP LWTJPoTsGL7pa49mzO3fQfUSbZqGXYyh fFxra8rDCXdAx2IfWDUhUOwLQOJ54gYDAyW FaQ08Ed9EmQK6pR acfFSt47OnbKf04s
Image Courtesy: PuneetBSaini

PRO TIP: If you like to keep it chic and simple- this is the look to go for. Use a nude shade of your eyelids, curl your eyelashes, add a dash of mascara and team it up with nude lips. As this look demands a dewy base, you can use cream blush and highlighter to master it.

Let Falsies do all the work:

Image Courtesy: TaraSutaria

PRO TIP: If you are looking for a quick and easy makeup look – keep the falsies handy. Apply kohl on the eyelids, smoke it out and enhance your eyes with falsies.

Highlighter magic

FI d4wLklQrE7E PuNrmgjPQDE9ySejOOLRdVDtiTMp3IjNpGc5KlWU60i8S9COh c5w3pWrx65L3JTSfPXw0zpNkMWlVQxFZyr
Image Courtesy: Malvika Sitlani Official

PRO TIP: Make sure you pick up a highlighter shade that’s about two shades lighter than your skin tone for a natural-looking finish. Apply it over the right areas of your face- Above the bridge of your nose to make it look slimmer,  Inner corners of your like to look more awake, always above the cheekbones and not below. You can also get an illusion of fuller lips by applying a tinge of it over your cupid’s bow.

 Dramatic smokey eyes

tqUWB1rY9lkUuRDMwybscM8W5amL8QqgoL7C6gAW29nxqBGVMXHL3KQqF1EkgA4slp2IMiyGzJ1 Ds6Suye9THkvnSGIcT6gHrEuzXNIVAPyUP1rbMZFUlGXzlWVEtk7OtW 8nZP
Image Courtesy: Laraib Rahim

PRO TIP: Use the right tools and blend it until you get a smooth finish. Always pair it with nude lips.

 90’s magic: the extended eyeliner

gS6oRH8h7WyOUjwHqQfT9JMzJ6EjMZew4rdVKoa3ShTnfLtPqF01rmJBugM1Ri9rt T1PJcXc7gcyUlyk7RiB1a3BQbr2ivvMxyVM05yzdcrnsxA
Image Courtesy: Kaushal

PRO TIP: Just like winged eyeliner, you can use a tape to get the perfect finish or else you can use a concealer to smooth out the edges.

The trendiest of all: Monochrome 

FheExp5kj VdFTYrOTNYd5jnnkNhM ZsAtXQ5gaKtt HGJ z2YaRdPd puYxq5R3lvejJWT7Q QL0no UYx6MsfYffF3WZLJhDTUEFl6nCyOaEgwHjmFn8j4x0m7
Image Courtesy: Malvika Sitlani Official

PRO TIP: Use the same colour over your eyelid and lips. You can go for shades like burnt orange, pink variations and peachy hues for a monotone makeup look. Enhance your eye with eyeliner to make it party-ready.

 Rose Gold eye makeup

Image Courtesy:Malvika Sitlani Official

PRO TIP: Opt for a highly pigmented or cream eyeshadow for this look. Patience and practice is the key to master this look as it requires a lot of blending. Always apply some glitter to the inner corner of your eyes to raise the glam quotient.

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