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Being the largest part of the body, our skin has all the room it needs to reflect all that we put inside of us. While the internal and external environment play a major role in influencing the overall appearance of our skin, we still have access to the driver’s seat of skincare and determining its well being. In our quest to get supple skin, we may choose to introduce a hundred new products to our skincare regime but does that always work? More importantly, is it always necessary? If you ask us and of-course, history, you’ll find that the answer is quite the contrary . If you want to know how to kick toxins out of your skin with a detox guide that doesn’t involve highly active chemicals, stay tuned to this specially curated directory of step by step skin detox.

Follow this one-week skin detox guide at least once every month, religiously, to get best results.

Step 1 -What goes in is What comes out:

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Detox your body to detox your skin. Drinks at least 3-4 litres of water everyday. Stay away from high-sugar foods, alcohol and spicy food.

Step 2- Morning Detox is a must:

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Make a detox elixir in the morning to flush out toxins that got accumulated from the previous day. You can try either one of these drinks right after you wake up

  1. Green Tea with Lemon juice and Honey
  2. Overnight soaked water of fenugreek, carrom, fennel, cumin and coriander seeds.

Additionally, these drinks also help in weight loss and blood purification which gives you healthier skin.

Step 3- Double Cleansing:


First clean your skin with a cleansing lotion and then use your regular face wash. The double cleansing method ensures removal of dirt and pollutants that sit on the surface of the skin.

Step 4- Facial Steaming:

Steam your face moderately at the right temperature for about 5-10 minutes . This opens up the pores for better exfoliation and also loosens the dead skin flakes making them easy to get rid of.

Step 5- Exfoliate Gently :

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Steaming has already made your job easier. Now exfoliate gently for 10-15 minutes with a mild to moderate density scrub all over your face with special focus on blackhead and whitehead prone regions of the face. This removes from your face, anything that doesn’t serve you.

Step 6- Detox Mask:

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Use a DIY Skin Detox mask made of Papaya and Gram flour mixture. Add some organic Neem oil to it for additional benefits. Let this sit on till completely dried and then gently wash off with warm water.

Step 7- Add Boosters:

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Once you’re done with a thorough cleansing ritual, it’s now time to move on to the boosters. Massage gently on your skin your Vitamin C Serum or Hyaluronic Acid Emulsion or both. Let these get absorbed completely for best results.

Step 8- Moisturize well:

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Moisturizing is important for all skin types. It’s like providing oxygen to your skin. Hydrated skin can keep a lot of issues at bay. Additionally, it also adds glow to your skin while boosting cell rejuvenation.

Step 9- Sunscreen:

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If you’re facing acne issues or other issues such as inflammation, photo-sensitivity etc., you should mandatorily wear sunscreen 10-15 minutes before stepping out in the sun . Re-apply it every 3 hours and wash off when not needed.

Step 10- Eat Clean:

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The age old good food, good life wisdom again! Eat more fibrous fruits and vegetables that nourish your body. Additionally, if you’re a non-vegetarian, consume 1 egg everyday and a fish oil capsule .

Detoxing your body and skin creates a healthier environment for your skin’s collagen and elasting development which in turn, allows the skin to heal faster without additional supplements. Reboot your skin with this skin detox guide and allow your skin cells a chance to grow and glow

Let us know in the comments below how it worked out for you!


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