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How can you describe a modern women’s wardrobe? Is it full of crisp office wear or slouchy self-employment separates? Does she wear floral in the spring or stick to unisex silhouettes? The options are as diverse as women themselves, making it almost impossible to identify a single set of staples that are foundational to everyone. And yet! Some things never change. A pair of razor-sharp black heels look just as fiercely stylish as they did in the 1980s, and my time travelling sources tell me black heels will be wildly en-vogue in the 2080s too. If we try to pick out the keystones of a modern woman’s wardrobe, the picture that emerges is a little bit serious and a little bit flashy, and a little bit devil-may-care-cool. So if any of you modern women need help shopping for basics, well I’ve done the legwork for you.

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 It has to be loose in a flattering way. Enough said. But seriously, this will save you, “I-don’t- know- what-to-wear” dilemmas. You can wear it with ANYTHING. Yes, you read that right, with anything. It must be kept spotless at all times. Who said effortless fashion is effortless?

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 This is a great investment if you buy a good quality one, it could last a decade. Get one with a classic shape. If you are looking for a good quality one you can opt for Zara, H&M, Myntra.

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 Any length you are comfortable with. A blessing for the summer, since it’s chic and stylish and can be worn in so many ways. Considered the most comfortable outfit for the summer. Nothing less for the winter. It can still be carried off during the cold, with stockings underneath without losing its potency. 

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Skinny? Bell bottoms? Printed? Boot cut? Boyfriend? Dark wash? Acid wash? Whether it’s cuffed skinny jeans or the perfect cigarette jeans, ankles are sexy- they aren’t always going to be as liberated as today. Celebrate them.


 Because one day you’ll have a job interview. It should be knee length or slightly above the knee. It should be tailored perfectly displaying your curves. Great for work, social gatherings or classy cocktail parties.

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I like mine with 3/4th sleeves and a streamlined shape. It creates instant polish in any outfit. Wear it to work or over a cocktail dress, the choice is yours. It adds an instant glam quotient to any basic outfit. It’s difficult to imagine an ensemble that wouldn’t look great with a sleek, structured navy jacket, or that wouldn’t benefit from a pop of colour supplied by a printed choice. At a formal EVENT, a blazer may simply elevate your attire, while also layering neatly over a gown

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 A denim jacket has always been and will always be one of those timeless wardrobe staples. It’s a garment that’s always in style and can be worn all year, so there’s never a bad time to get one. Plus, jean jackets are available in almost every season from designers.

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 If you’re a chambray top-virgin you will wonder how you ever dressed without it. It should be fitted and not tight. Wear them alone, layer, wear it over or under them possibilities are endless.

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Esha Gupta, Amy Jackson, Rakhi Sawant: The best and worst dressed Bollywood  celebs in June | Lifestyle Gallery News,The Indian Express


 T-shirts are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. They’re a terrific choice if you want to keep things low-key, but you can also glam them up! Isn’t it also worth mentioning how comfortable they are? There are no buttons or hook-and-eye closures to contend with because you merely throw them on over your head. Easy! But is it really that simple? Apart from a fantastic pair of denim jeans, figuring out what to wear yours with is a challenge. If you need more styling ideas, look to these celebrities and influencers who have shown how adaptable basic tees can be.


Ideally you’ll find leggings that are infinitely stretchable, very comfortable and high quality enough to maintain its shape through yoga, napping and sitting cross legged. While still looking good to be carried off as skinny black pants during night outs. 

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There you go your ultimate Summer wardrobe checklist for 2022. Comment below how many pieces from this you already own and if you’re planning to shop for the pieces you don’t already have in your wardrobe. Share the blog with your friends who are interested in styling but don’t know where to begin with their wardrobe.

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