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Remember when Rihanna said, “fake it till you make it”, she really was talking about those dull-dreary days or strenuous situations in which even the most confident of us freak out. While confident people know how to handle it, people like us who get occasional bursts of confidence freak out! 

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Confidence is difficult to come by. You know you need to be confident if you want to create a good impression in the workplace, but gaining that confidence isn’t as simple as it appears. Confidence comes naturally to some people, but it is more difficult for others to achieve, especially in strange situations or with unknown people.

Rest assured that you are not alone, and remember one important fact regarding confidence: In most instances, it is not as important to feel confident on the inside as it is to appear confident on the outside. The idea is to appear confident even if you aren’t, and there are a few tactics you can employ to do so. So worry not, I’ve got you all covered for the day, read on to know more! 

Make eye contact

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Eye contact is essential for projecting confidence in front of an audience. You will appear scattered or inattentive if you do not make eye contact, which will undermine your confidence. Maintaining eye contact with the other person while they are speaking is also important. Just don’t look folks in the eyes like you’re a serial killer.

1. Don’t Fidget 

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Fidgeting is a primary indicator of poor confidence, and most of us do it unconsciously. People fidget in many ways; for example, some people have a nervous habit of jiggling their legs. Practice conversing with someone you know to find any unique idiosyncrasies about yourself that you may not be aware of.

3. Speak Slowly and Clearly 

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Speaking too quickly or in a low tone of voice can make you appear less than confident. Take your time with your sentences and will give you time to come up with better word choices. Practice articulating your words clearly and in a loud voice so you’re used to the approach.

4. Allow Silence 

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Too many people denounce the “awkward silence” as the indicator of a bad conversation, but it’s actually a necessary social tool. Use silences to your advantage; for example, you can end an important sentence with a long pause. Silences allow for consideration, and they show that you’re confident in your speaking abilities.

5. Discover the power of Body Language 

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People will not think you’re confident if you have poor posture and your head is bowed. Take a commanding stance, maintain a relaxed expression on your face, and hold your head high. By arranging your body in this manner, you will appear and feel more confident.

6. Try Mirroring 


When talking with someone, match their body language and modify your speech tone to be more similar to theirs. Mirroring harnesses the power of mirror neurons, which are clusters of cells in our brain that are triggered not just when we execute an action, but also when we observe someone else perform the same activity.

7. Be Mindful of your Speech 


When you smile, your voice becomes more pleasant and confident. People that are happy are regarded to be more confident and comfortable. Your voice tone and inflection are also crucial. When you’re trying to appear confident, using hesitating phrases like “maybe” and portraying stressful or worried feelings can backfire.

8. Smile Often 

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Smiling can make you appear warm, inviting, and approachable in an instant. According to studies, individuals enjoy and remember other people who smile at them. If you find it difficult to maintain a natural smile, simply smile briefly before returning to a more neutral look. When appropriate, laughter is another effective technique to demonstrate and enhance confidence. A continual guffaw can come out as uneasy or obnoxious.

9. Look and Feel your best 

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When they say, dress to impress, they mean it as a way of appearing confident. Taking care of yourself is critical to your overall health. Your cleanliness, clothing, and health are all worth the effort, especially if you want to impress someone at a job interview or on a date. First impressions and appearance are quite powerful. Being well-dressed gives you an advantage and makes others more responsive to you. At first glimpse, you’ll appear attractive and assured. 

10. Appreciate your self 

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Acting confidently will make you appear more confident, but it is also necessary to regard yourself as an individual. This will give you real self-assurance and authority. You are a unique and talented individual, and there are many people who want to see you happy. Make a list of your successes if you’re having trouble doing this. Don’t be hesitant to praise yourself. 

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Consider how newscasters and politicians go through the world; they must know how to project confidence every day in order to appear competent and trustworthy. Do they wake up feeling utterly great every day? They most likely have off days. The secret to confidence is to make yourself appear confident. Even if you don’t feel your best, the tactics listed above will help you project a calm, self-assured image.

You can project confidence even if you’re not feeling at ease in the circumstance. Watch your body language, speak with conviction, and smile to show them you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Now, if you have mastered the art of appearing confident, head on to my next blog and let’s get done with that stage fright!!

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