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Congratulations to the new mommies in B-town! While the hot news about Alia Bhatt and Bipasha Basu welcoming their babies is looming around the world, we thought about you! 

Hey mom-to-be! All set to welcome your love to the world? Packed your hospital bag? If you think there is time and you still are in the 38th week, beware your baby may arrive soon. Most women normally deliver any day after the 38th week, some it may extend to the 40th week. 

Getting your hospital bag packed well ahead of time is the best thing you can do now. So that you will never miss anything and it is hassle-free. 

Remember it is better to know the policies of the hospital and also about allowing you to bring items from home. Having said that, did you know what all you need? things needed for newborns? Take a deep breath, I will help you prepare your maternity bag checklist within minutes. Now It’s just a matter of reading this blog:

What you should pack for yourself?

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Make a hospital bag checklist for mom and arrange all the items in your bag earlier on. Your bag should have everything to make you comfortable and stress-free at the hospital. Do think of your leisure also. Never compromise, your happiness matters the most. Do not fail to pack extra clothes and outfits. 

Here’s a list of things you should add to your bag:

1.     Your medical records and medicines (if any)

2.     Comfortable footwear and slippers (they should be non-slippery)

3.     ID cards and wallet

4.     Toiletries (hair brush/comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, hair accessories, deodorant).

5.     Books or music ( for you to relax)

6.     Skin care products (Lip balm, moisturiser, body lotion etc.)

7.     Snacks and drinks (keep yourself hydrated!)

8.     Your phone and charger.

9.     Water spray bottle or facial wipes to freshen up.

10.  A breastfeeding pillow 

11.  Socks (if the weather is cold)

12.  A going-home outfit (comfortable and loose maternity wear is preferable)

13.  Comfortable clothing according to the weather and days you are at the hospital. It is advisable to take two extra outfits for emergencies.

14.  Breast pads to absorb any milk leaks

15.  Nursing bra

16.  Maternity sanitary pads

17.  Comfortable panties. You can even take disposable panties for emergencies.

18.  A towel

19.  Extra cloth for you to breastfeed comfortably.

What you should pack for your baby?

Note down the things needed for the newborn and pack your newborn’s essentials separately in a bag. Keep everything sanitised and clean. Think of all the uncertainties and pack extra towels, clothes and dresses. Make sure to clean the baby’s things then and there and surround them with the cleanest clothes and things. Do not stuff the bag with unnecessary toys and items.

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Credit: Navbharath Times

Here’s a list of things you should add to your newborn’s bag (Baby bag checklist):

1.     Clothes according to the season. Always keep two extra outfits. 

2.     Four vests or onesies to be worn as innerwear. In hot weather, one layer of clothing might be enough.

3.     Sweaters (if it is winter)

4.     Baby gloves 

5.     Baby caps

6.     Cotton sheets for your baby’s bed.

7.     Waterproof sheet protector or rubber under-sheet 

8.     Blanket

9.     Diapers

10.  Wet wipes 

11.  Soft towel

12.  Toiletries (a baby cleanser, shampoo, massage oil, hairbrush, nail clippers).

13.  Few soft towels to clean spit-up or spills while feeding.

Yes! You are all set to face the big day now. Do not hesitate to update the list if necessary according to your pregnancy and comfort. One more thing, do not stress out. Stress is the biggest poison to you and your baby right now. Have plenty of fruits and veggies and drink water properly. Just be strong and trust the process. Have a safe and healthy delivery!

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