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Brides-to-be and bridesmaid pay special attention to this one!

In today’s world, pollution and heat are considered as one of the major factors that hamper one’s hair growth. Hair fall and split ends are some common issues for girls all over the world. With our busy schedules, maintaining a hair care regime becomes a hassle as we do not have enough free time in a day. However, addressing hair related problems is the need of the hour, and we have figured out an easy way to do that.

We’ve rounded up 7 superfoods that you can incorporate in your diet to catalyse hair growth and thickness.


Egg Yolk 
Egg for Hair care
Home remedies for Egg
Home remedies for hair growth
Image courtesy: Medical News Today

Our hair is composed of protein. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate it into our diet. This is where eggs come into the picture. An egg is full of protein and biotin that serves as the catalyst for hair growth. The lack of this component leads to hair loss and receding volume of hair. 

USAGE: Increase the amount of egg intake in your everyday diet. Once a week, try to make a hair mask by mixing eggs and castor oil and apply it once a week.


Fruits and nuts
Home remedies for hair growth
Image courtesy: Hair Restoration Europe https://bit.ly/2VKNuY5

Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E are hair nourishing components. Walnuts and almonds are examples of dry fruits that are enriched with Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and other essential hair strengthening derivatives like protein and iron. Dry fruits and nuts are one of the tastiest ways to promote hair growth and strength.

USAGE: Incorporate almonds, figs, dates, walnuts and various other dry fruits and nuts in your everyday diet.


Hair growth from calcium
calcium milk
Home remedies for hair growth
Image courtesy: Goodhousekeeping.com

Iron and Calcium are essential compounds for growing and thickening of hair. Milk is by far the most abundant source of both components combined. It not only helps in treating dry, rough hair and making it soft and shiny with voluminous touch but also promotes hair growth and prevents the easy breakage of hair. Additionally, milk is also a superfood that helps in the overall development of one’s health by strengthening bones and boosting the body’s immune system.

USAGE: Consume milk daily to see fast and lasting results.


Fruits high is Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Fruits for Hair growth
home remedies for hair growth
Image courtesy: healthline.com

Iron is a necessary derivative for the hair. However, with the intake of iron, we need to give the body the much-needed iron for absorbing Vitamin C. Along with that Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which is essential for quick and robust hair growth. Fruits like lemon, orange, Kiwi and Guava help in endorsing the body with Vitamin C.

USAGE: Give yourself a tasty glass of lemon juice every day to relieve yourself from stress and promote healthy hair. You can also try eating one lime every day with a pinch of salt.


Image courtesy: youmatter.world

The endless benefits of Vitamin E are unknown to us. Along with dry fruits and nuts, Avocado is another good source of Vitamin E. Additionally; Avocado is also rich with monounsaturated fats. It helps to balance the pH levels and oil of the hair for easy and smooth hair growth.

USAGE: Avocado smoothies are a lovely and delicious way to hair growth.


Home Remedies for Hair Care. Best food for Hair Care
Image courtesy: Bubble Butts

One superfood that comes with the superpower of Omega-6 fatty acids, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium is Oats. Indeed, it is one superfood with all the superpower ingredients. Oats are a very healthy way to promote hair growth as all the nutrients present in it are essential for hair growth. It also helps in the creation of melanin, so you can save yourself the trauma of early grey hair with it. It enables you to get rid of damaged and rough hair.

USAGE: A bowl of oats is a healthy breakfast option. You can also prepare a hair mask with oatmeal, milk and almond milk.


Best food for Hair Care
Healthy food
Image courtesy: Terrior Seeds

Sprouts are filled with Vitamin A that keeps your scalp healthy so you can have thick and long hair. Vitamin A is vital as it promotes hair growth and protects you from thinning of hair and keeps your scalp in good condition. Sprouts also have biotins that make your hair only healthier.

USAGE: You can eat sprouts anyway you like, with bread or a salad.

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