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Grow your eyebrows naturally using these home ingredients.

From the thin arched eyebrow trend of the ’80s to the bushy, untamed and thick-textured eyebrows of the 2020s – we have seen a massive evolution in this particular beauty trend. Eyebrows have always been one of the most vital features of the face. Speaking of which, fuller eyebrows and lengthy beautiful lashes are somethings we all crave for. 

So to keep up with the newly evolved trend, we’ve come up with these home remedies that are really easy to incorporate into your day-to-day skincare routine and will actually work wonders if followed religiously.


Image Courtesy: Dreamstime

Massage with Oil: Massaging your brows with essential oils like coconut, olive or castor oil is one of the best home remedies. Massaging the area in a circular motion increases blood circulation and enhance its growth.

Tip: Make a regular routine to massage your brows before going to bed and leave it overnight.

Aloe vera: A few of us know that aloe vera helps in hair growth. The Aloin compound present in aloe vera helps brows grow faster and thicker. 

Tip: Apply a scoop of aloe vera on your eyebrows and leave it to dry for 15-20 mins. Then rinse it off with normal water.

Milk: Milk has proteins in it which stimulate hair growth. Rubbing raw-milk every day on your brows is one of the easiest ways to get fuller brows.

Tip: Take milk with the help of cotton balls. Apply on your eyebrows. Leave it for 15-20 mins and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Onion Juice: The onion helps to strengthen hair and is rich in fibre and minerals. Onion not only stimulate hair growth, but it also helps to get full eyebrows.

Tip: Take 1tbsp of onion juice and apply it on your brows with the help of a cotton ball. Wash it off with cold water after 20-30 mins.

Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly maintains moisture in your eyebrows and conditions it. Therefore, it supplements your hair growth.

Tip: Apply on your forehead twice a week and let it sit for 15-20 mins then wash it off with warm water.

PRO TIP: Brushing the eyelids every night helps to remove dust from your eyelids, improves blood circulation and enhances hair growth.

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  • Anisha Jain
    May 14, 2020

    Awesome routine for eyebrows and eyelashes. Will give it a try…

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