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Tips and Tricks to pick the right lingerie for your wedding outfit!

Garments you wear underneath influences your body shape and overall look. It is a huge hassle and discomfort when our bra strap keeps slipping. Hence, choosing the right lingerie is the key to carrying your outfit with style and sophistication. 

But, don’t fret as these tips and tricks will help you pick the right lingerie and be the epitome of ravishing glory at a wedding.

Bridal outfits are inevitably heavy, and with all that jewellery, it is challenging to adjust your lingerie in case of a wardrobe malfunction. Therefore, the safe decision is to opt for something comfortable and stable. You are going to have to face guests all day long, and if you don’t put on the right lingerie underneath, it might get uncomfortable. 

TIP 1: Opt for the lingerie that is not very tight that it irritates you but well-wired to make you look appealing. It is preferable to avoid satin and silk lingerie.

TIP 2: Always buy your bras according to the blouse design of your attire. If you are wearing a backless blouse, opt for a backless bra. You can also pick silicon cups if you are comfortable wearing it. If you are wearing something off-shoulder, look for strapless bras or bras that have transparent straps.

TIP 3: If you are someone who has never opted for a backless/strapless bra ever, do not take the risk on your wedding day. Take a regular bra, cut the bottom of the straps that meet at the back, sew them to the cups of your bra and wear it like a backpack.

TIP 4: When you pick your lingerie, make sure the colours are not too loud that they take away the focus from your wedding attire. Pick something that compliments the colour of your outfit and enhances it.

TIP 5: If you want to experiment, you can opt for a sheer outfit that makes your lingerie partially visible. However, when it comes to your wedding night, keep your options open and choose from the wide variety of sexy lingerie. Go red, pink and other seductive colours to give you the edge. 


One Important lingerie essential is shapewear. Do not forget to shop for a body shaper while you shop for your bridal lingerie. Shapewear helps you hide your creases and flaunt your curves effortlessly. Click here to start a chat with our fashion stylist.

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