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Do you think it’s time for a change?

Tired of doing the same old feed-in hairstyles every couple of months? Yeah, I feel you. While I can relate to you if you are feeling the urge to chop off your hair for a fresh and chic look. But we can totally ignore the responsibilities that come along with the newly chopped mains.

Today we will talk about the factors to be considered before chopping off your beautiful mane or changing the hair length.Here are a few tips which you may consider before chopping your hair

Pros and cons of the new hair cut:

Summer is here, and if you have long hair, it might be a problem.  Working out in a gym or going for a run might irritate you if the hair is coming in front, isn’t it? Also, check out different hairstyle websites for the kind of cut you want. See if it suits you or not so that you can decide the right haircut.

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Tip: Take a photo and check the hairstyles given in the websites that suits you the best.

Time Spend styling hair

There is a massive misconception that short hairstyling can be done quickly. Normally, if you have long hair and you are not in a mood to do any hairstyle- you can just go for a messy bun. But for short hair, if not appropriately styled it doesn’t look right. Do consider the styling time it will take to create the look you want. 

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Tip: If your chopped hair looks good simply by washing it then you are lucky to cut your hair short. But if it doesn’t set some days correctly, then you will really have a hard time fixing it.

A Right Texture

If you have thick and voluminous hair and you are unable to manage it. You want them to cut short, right? But if you cut your mane, it might be a problem. The more you chop your hair, the more it’s going to puff off. Just imagine the look you will see with puffed hair both sides? 

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Tip: Trim your hair little short but not till your shoulders to give it a decent look. It will be easy to manage and style in different ways.

Frizzy hair

Most of us have hair problem these days, but still, we need to cut or straighten our hair to style it. A frizzy or curly hair means your hair is damaged and you have to take special care of your hair. A hair cut might look suitable for a few days, but your hair will get rough with split ends.

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Tip: Use natural products to prevent your hair from frizzing and hair loss.

A natural look

If you are looking for a consistent look, remember that short hair requires more maintenance than long hair. You will need to visit a salon in six to eight weeks to maintain the same length and appeal.

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Tip: Choose the length of the hairstyle which doesn’t permit to visit a salon at regular intervals.

Click here to chat with our stylist and beauty experts to know which look will suit you the best.

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