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You could always “Casually” leave pictures of the rings you love lying around or “accidentally” leave your computer open to pages of diamonds – For him to see!

I’m guessing someone’s gonna be engaged soon! Yayyyy!

Engagement rings should be a reflection of your personal style. A gorgeous engagement ring tends to stand out like a sparkler. Shopping for your engagement ring can be downright daunting, and if you don’t know where to begin, don’t fret as we’ve got you covered. From the fashion-forward to the vintage-inspired designs, we got the scoop on what’s hot right now.

The Fancy cut diamond

Oh! So fancy, huh? Adding a diamond-shaped engagement ring is indeed a brilliant idea. It is a shift towards minimalism and sustainability that the younger Millennials are adopting these days. It’s a more understated way to show your personality with these brilliant rings that come in all sizes and shapes.

Engagement ring trends 2020
Image Courtesy: B2CJewellers

Style Scanner:  If you have a simple and elegant style, this design is an excellent choice for you. To show off its beauty, grab a fancy cut diamond ring mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting.

Love for Emerald

If you are fond of unconventional bling, then opt for Emerald engagement rings. The vibrant green shade suits almost every skin tone. Its bright colour brightens and highlights the golden undertones of your skin.

emerald engagement ring
Image Courtesy: Rive Gauche Jewellery

Style Scanner: It’s a popular choice to give a unique twist to your diamond rings.

Vintage ring look

If you love vintage-stuff, take cues from these engagement rings from the Victorian era or art deco flair. These vintage rings give an antique feel which is both glamorous and timeless.

Image Courtesy: Fascinating Diamonds

Style Scanner: These have been popular for decades because of its traditional and elegant style. Go for this type of ring for a sophisticated look.

The Hidden Halo

The new version offers a more understated take on engagement rings. This ring design is perfect if you don’t want to go traditional and wish to have a solitaire with a little extra shine.

hidden halo engagement rings 
Image Courtesy: Brilliantearth

Style Scanner: Try this unique design as it is a gorgeous way to highlight the diamond making it look more significant.

The Split Shank Style

Want to try out something different? Customise your engagement ring by altering its band. It creates a unique design giving an antique feel. It is a subtle way to make the centre stone look more substantial.

Shank And Split Shank Style Ring\
Image Courtesy: Ritani

Style Scanner: A ring of this type has an intriguing silhouette that makes it stand out.

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