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COVID-19 Wedding of the American-Indian Couple

Intimate wedding of the couple amidst lockdown – 200 guests attended virtually on Facebook Live to bless the couple.

Love knows no boundaries or distance – but the time and circumstances have changed now as we are fighting against the pandemic COVID-19. In these tough times, we bring you a ray of happiness with the story of this couple who said: “I do” amidst the chaos.

The lovely couple Liz Hartman and Ashwath Sitaraman planned to marry on 22nd March 2020 surrounded by their loved ones from both India and the United States. The couple had to call off their grand wedding, and they opted for an intimate wedding in the confines of their home in New Delhi. They plan to host a reception and celebrate once the situation comes under control.

The couple got married in a traditional Tamil ceremony at the groom’s parent’s home; the temples were closed on account of social distancing. A Tamil wedding is a fascinating experience! The traditions are so different from North Indian weddings – says Liz.

Covid 19 wedding , Indian Wedding, Intimate Wedding, Virtual Wedding

The bride wore the most beautiful Kanchipuram sarees that her mother-in-law bought from Chennai, with a hairdo adorned with flowers, everything in the traditional Tamilian way. For the tying of the Mangalsutra, the bride wore 9 yards saree, and the groom wore a Veshti with a new red kurta they had bought together.

Covid 19 wedding , Indian Wedding, Intimate Wedding, Virtual Wedding

The couple got married on the original mahurat with a handful of the close family with them. Over 200 guests – friends and families from India and the US joined on Facebook live. Everyone dressed, the bride’s mother learned on Youtube on how to wear a saree to be dressed for the occasion. Other guests wore kurtas, sarees and got dressed for the wedding; they posted pictures captioning “We are ready for the ceremony” which gave a sense of togetherness to the couple. 

The couple has been married for over 45 days now and are often called upon being on an extended honeymoon, as India’s swift and strict lockdown began right after the wedding. The couple is making adjustments with the idea of living with each other for 24 hours. But they also say that this has put them on the fast track to learning more about each other’s likes and dislikes, and how to communicate their feelings effectively. 

Overall it’s been pretty magical for this couple to have so much time to themselves, but we are eagerly looking forward to having a nice dinner out once it’s safe to do so!

Covid 19 wedding , Indian Wedding, Intimate Wedding, Virtual Wedding

Would you ever take back the decision of marrying under such circumstances?

We go back and forth on the experience. A part of Liz is still sad that her group of friends and family weren’t able to make it to India at the same time. Liz has been travelling to India for the past 4 years and fell in love with the country; she wanted her friends and family to experience the same.

Other than that, the small ceremony at the house was unquestionably beautiful. It was indeed a bonding experience for us as a family, and we feel more deeply settled here in Delhi.

Covid 19 wedding , Indian Wedding, Intimate Wedding, Virtual Wedding

Do you have any suggestions you have for the couples who are still deciding about their wedding?

If a couple is in a position where they have a little time to figure things out and the ability to reschedule, that’s what they should do. We did that for our June wedding in the US- with two months to go we rescheduled, no last-minute changes or rush. However, if this is not possible- streaming a small intimate ceremony with close family is the most magical experience; and I’d recommend that too.

We wish for all the couples out there to find their magical moment and tie the knot.

If you are debating whether to wait or get married in 2020, then chat with our team here who will assist you in planning your wedding.

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