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I’m copying these cute Hairstyles to flaunt at Zoom Meetings!

*Saves to Instagram Immediately.*

While the temptation to stay in your pyjamas is pervasive, as is the desire to wear your slippers non-stop and style your hair for that one zoom meeting your colleagues have initiated. 

Not having to be physically present at the office is a significant relief for all of us – saving us from long commute hours. However, what about those digital meetings we still have to attend? Your style quotient at Zoom meetings can be kept in check with the help of these chic hairstyles. So whether you have a Zoom date tonight, or you need a distraction, or because you’re just bored – here’s the ultimate guide to styling your hair real quick and look as stylish as ever!


Top knots are easy-to-do, trendy, and oh-so sleek. It is always a great way to style your hair when you are running late but do not want to look sloppy.


APPROACH: All you need to do is tie your hair into a high ponytail, and wrap it around itself. Keep it intact using a rubber band. 

PRO TIP: Top knots are best for people with long hair as it makes the hair more manageable. Also, you can improvise on the rubber band and tie a scarf around your top knot matching the shade of your attire. Use quirky hair clips to accentuate this hairstyle.


This hairstyle screams sophistication and looks posh for an online meeting. It gives you a lot of gravitas, and maybe your hairstyle can be an influence while you are pitching an idea to your boss!


APPROACH: Middle part your hair and straighten it using a flat iron down to the end. You can curl the end by pulling it inwards for a more clean look.

PRO TIP: If you are someone with a bob cut or shoulder-length hair, this hairstyle will look phenomenal on you.


Braids are possibly the most exciting way to style the hair. They are classy and gives off sultry yet serious vibe exactly, what you need for a meeting.


APPROACH: Try styling your hair in different kinds of braids like a French braid, Fishtail braid, Dutch braid and various others. Do not hold back your experimental tendencies because that is what gives rise to a fashion statement.

PRO TIP: Make a voluminous bun, at the front of your hair before you braid it. You can also accessorize your braid with a scarf that compliments your outfit.


Look chic and edgy with that blowdry hairstyle this summer. It’s a timeless hairdo and looks perfect on all occasions.


APPROACH: Take a section of your hair, wrap it around the brush and blowdry it to the very end of the hair. Always lift the brush from underneath the hair, so you obtain that bouncy 70s look. 

PRO TIP: Use a heat protecting serum or anti-frizz cream before blowing out your hair. You can also try a root lift spray at the roots and apply it all over using your fingertips for the extra bounce.


Effortlessly posh and good to go is what you call beachy waves. Long gone are the days when it was only for your beach/ pool party. You can create beach waves for your hair and look a casual but stylish person at the office meeting.


APPROACH: Section your hair into two or three, depending on your hair volume. Use a flat iron and pull the hair inwards and at times outwards creating random curls. Loosen the curls using your fingertips.

PRO TIP: Beach curls are soft and look amazing irrespective of your hair length. Use a volumizing mist spray for added volume. 

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