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These looks will tempt you to try that bob you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re a bohemian spirit, a classicist, a bold beauty, or a new-age romantic, short hair is no reason to limit yourself when it comes to thinking about hair for the wedding festivities. Don’t think of your look for Haldi, Mehendi or Sangeet any differently than you would for an evening out—stick to effortlessness, ease, or edge; find inspiration on the red carpet and the runways for a look that’s beyond your classic chignon or the all-too-common overdone bridal tresses.

If you’re rocking a pixie or a bob on the daily, skip the extensions for the aisle in favour of a look better suited for you at your (natural) best. Whether your wedding wardrobe calls for daytime chic or is a black-tie affair, choose what works for you and show one of these key looks to your stylist. Here, all the hair inspiration you’ll need for your festive look that will wow—without requiring long locks.


STYLE TIP: The key to achieving the effortless, I-just-got-out-of-the-shower trend isn’t water, it’s the right hair serum. When it comes to this hairstyle, let your natural wave dry naturally, then finish with a smoothing hair oil and texture spray.


STYLE TIP: Try a look that’s part bedhead, part beach waves to give your hair some body by curling just a few face-framing sections with a large curling iron.


STYLE TIP: Use a 1-inch curling iron to get perfect Old Hollywood curls, but don’t forget to pin them and let them cool for the neatest result. Pair this hairstyle with a retro-inspired dress to really drive home the look.


STYLE TIP: A messy bun works well for any occasion, it’s effortlessly chic. Let some wispy strands of hair fall out to frame the face, and keep the look more low-key.


STYLE TIP: Pinback as much hair as you can to a low bun that sits just at the base of the neck. Start with a side part to make this look feel more formal.


STYLE TIP: If your hair is just long enough to pull into a high bun or ponytail, try this look. Slick your hair back as tight as you can, then twist a top section across the crown to pull back into a twisted high bun.


STYLE TIP: Keep ironed hair straight all day by locking in the style with a humidity-fighting oil (for thick hair) or a shine spray (for fine hair).


STYLE TIP: Just like a messy bun, let some straightened strands of hair fall out to frame the face, and keep the look more classic.


STYLE TIP: Effortlessness isn’t for everyone. Go big (and high) or go home— go all-in on drama. This glamorous hairdo feels far more modern and theatrical than any of’ updo.


STYLE TIP: Embrace your above-shoulder bob with a middle part and some fancy barrettes. Crystal Or pearl-embellished pins inserted at a diagonal to one side above and behind the ear creates really soft, easy waves.


STYLE TIP: Straighten it to perfection and use a sleek barrette pin to cinch it at the back. This hairstyle is as simple as they come yet gives off really chic vibes.

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