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We often read about what is best for our skin. We often hear from people what we should use to lighten our skin tone, what we should use to remove the acne or avoid oily skin. It is infrequent to hear what we should evade using for better skin. Sometimes it becomes easy to avoid something rather than getting new products and wasting our strength in using it and money in buying it. 

What we usually do is search online for the best products to get the skin of our dreams. Let us now see what are the basic things/products that can be avoided to avert problematic skin.


Did you know, lemons are one of the worst decisions for your skin? Lemons are pure acids that can irritate your skin to its peak. This irritation can lead to marks, rough skin, or even a step towards acne. Once you use lemon on your skin, you would feel redness, intense dryness, and even peeling of your skin. Ouch! This can worsen the situation.

And what’s more is that if you have sensitive skin, you can feel your skin condition getting intensely harmed. It is said that it should be a rule for people with sensitive skin to stay away from all the lemon applications.


We all want flawless skin, don’t we? We want to remove all the blackheads, pimples, and oil from our skin. But not all of us find the right way to do it. Sometimes we forget to do the research which leads to catastrophic effects. One of those products is HARSH FACE SCRUB. Harsh Face Scrub’s textures are too harsh that it could lead to our skin being excessively sensitive to UV rays which in turn leads to tanning, itchy rashes, and even sunburns.

The harsh textures also lead to our face having tears and uninvited peeling and it can make our skin more prone to dryness, odd patches, and more redness. Some like to use face scrubs as exfoliators which if used in excess can cause harsh and dry skin.

We should always know the right amount, of any product, to be used to avoid any risk. 


Odd, isn’t it! Our ancestors have always said that toothpaste works the best for our pimples.

But logically speaking, it isn’t that effective. Toothpaste has chemicals that can upset your skin’s pH level. The toothpaste has a basic pH level that is acidic and can lead to alkaline on your skin. This results in rashes and a burning sensation. One of the most common ingredients found in toothpaste is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which, if used on your skin can cause unbearable itching and irritation to some, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Just in case you don’t feel the irritation, there are some other problems caused. Using toothpaste often can cause dryness and it leads to one of the factors that we all want to avoid, called acne.

Try avoiding toothpaste on your skin as much as possible.

These were some of the products that you should refrain from using. This will save your time too because trust me, once you shun these products off, you would already feel a difference!

Let’s Beautify and Stay Safe!

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