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Is it simply me or does anyone else also feel lazy by just even thinking about going to the gym? Well, obviously!

Going to a gym sounds extremely boring, and c’mon, let’s be honest! Who wouldn’t want a good physique without going to a gym? Well, if we couldn’t and wouldn’t want to go to a gym, there are so many ways via which we can attain the goal of a healthy and fit body.


One of the most important factors to remember and follow is to have a HEALTHY DIET. An accurate healthy diet includes a permutation of different foods which mostly include fruits, vegetables, legumes, and a lot of grains. Decide on your fruits and vegetables wisely, that is, always go for ones that have a lot of water in them. You should never lead your body towards dehydration as it can cause a lot of health problems. Some watery fruits and vegetables include watermelons, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, cucumber, tomatoes, coconut water, to name a few.

The more water you consume, the healthier you will be!


There is science behind everything. Devouring sugar in excess can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, gain in weight, and also increases the chances of catching heart disease too. Averting sugar in day-to-day life is something that everyone should follow.

Salt has a huge amount of sodium in it which turns out to be harmful to your body. Too much consumption of salt increases the risk of stroke, cancer, kidney disease, and much more. Excessive sodium doesn’t react to the body well hence whenever possible we should avoid salt.


In our daily intake of food, we need to keep in mind the fats we are consuming. According to the studies, the total amount of fats that we eat or drink should not exceed 30%. If we do exceed, it may lead to obesity, hard cramps, and high blood pressure. 

We do not want to get into any kind of trouble now, do we?

So, to avoid the gym but also to get in good shape, we should avoid fats too. Let’s move towards GOOD HEALTH, people.


A very known fact guys…..!! “ALCOHOL KILLS”. Well, duh! Who doesn’t know that, right? But, still, many of us don’t realize this fact and keep on consuming alcohol. Alcohol is something that can take your life away painfully. It can cause heart and liver failure, high blood pressure, and obesity to a great extent. If someone is trying to lose weight, they may need to stop or reduce the consumption of alcohol.


How many times have we read or heard the warning, SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH?

Well, just like alcohol, smoking is something that should be avoided forever. It is not only harmful to the ones smoking but also extremely dangerous for passive smokers, i.e., the ones who, by mistake, inhale the smoke when someone else is smoking anywhere near them.

Not only for yourself but also the sake of people around you, you should quit smoking and lead a healthy life!

Avoiding a certain kind of food is just a baby step towards a healthy life. One major step is that you should work out regularly. If not a heavy workout, then go for a light workout which mostly includes yoga, crunches, push-ups, and jogging. Do these for 30 minutes everyday. To keep yourself healthy and fit, you need to do physical exercises too.

To live a healthy and prosperous life, it is important to know the accurate number of products to be used. We cannot exceed or lose the food that we intake. And along with it, physical activity is a must too

Remember, there is nothing impossible in this world. Just have the determination and you can excel. Baby steps help you achieve your goals.

Don’t worry, it’s tried and tested! <wink><wink>


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