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Top 5 Must-Have Organic Skincare Products under Rs.700

In the past 5 years ,we have witnessed a major craze across all age groups for organic skincare products with people constantly striving to look for more natural ingredients in their skincare staples. The beauty industry has responded to this ever-rising demand of organic skincare products by launching a ton of organic and herbal skin and hair care brands every month ,some of which are becoming our Cult favourites. If your quest is to build an all organic and herbal skincare regime, you’re at the right place. 

A common notion that runs through the beauty community is that the higher the price, the better the product. If you’re following this flock, you’re being misled. We’ve handpicked for you some of the best products under Rs.700 by leading, tried and tested organic skincare brands that are loved by thousands like you ;brands that will help you boost the suppleness of your skin to such an extent that you’ll be left awestruck. 

Ahead ,find some of the highest rated herbal skincare essentials that have a potential to have a love affair with your skin .

Arata Refreshing Face Wash – Rs.675


This refreshing face wash will help you kick all toxins out of your skin to begin and end your day perfectly . Crafted for gentle exfoliation, this skincare essential also helps you in gently removing dead skin cells before and after makeup removal. It contains peppermint oil, lemon oil, flax seed and apricot extracts, all known for their anti-bacterial and anti-acne properties. The unique composition helps control oil and sebum build-up on the face , in-turn keeping blackheads at bay. 

Khadi Rose Water Toner- Rs. 135


Reflect the glow from within you with Khadi’s age long trusted 100% pure Rose Water Toner.

Replenish the skin moisture with the goodness of rose extracts and Khadi’s all herbal formula .

If you want to use only one toner in your entire skincare regime that serves you well for all concerns, this is your fit. Use this toner twice or thrice a day to get that radiant glow.

Good Vibes Vitamin C & E Age Defying Face Serum- Rs.318


This beauty potion is built to stimulate collagen production which in-turn maintains the youth and radiance of your skin giving it a younger look. The Vitamin C in the serum serves in lightening the dark spots and reducing pigmentation on the face. Additionally, it also gives a supple look to your skin and makes it glow like halo. The Vitamin E in the serum helps fight pollution and UV rays while also reducing the appearance of scars on the face. When used regularly , this serum has proven to up your skin game to an extraordinary level.

Arata Hydrating Skin Serum Cream- Rs.559


With its 100% vegan and light-weight formula, this moisturiser nourishes and soothes your skin without making it greasy. The blend gets absorbed quickly into your skin while also reducing inflammation, appearance of enlarged pores etc.100% nature-derived ingredients makes this face serum cream the best in the category. This moisturiser is ideal for both day and night time routines.

Khadi Watermelon Lip Balm – Rs.99


With its mouth-watering fruity flavour , Khadi’s all herbal lip balm, conditions the lips, leaving a glossy effect while the key ingredient in the formula -Beeswax acts as a moisture locking seal for chapped lips. The lip balm while providing a delicate colour to the lips ,also gives incredible results even with the smallest amount of application.

A 100% organic skin-care regime has its own exceptional benefits ,the kind that most certainly can’t be derived by chemical centered ingredients. Starting your organic skincare journey with these cult-classic staples would encourage you to stay in direct touch with nature and see what it has to offer for your beauty and wellness.

Blog by: Ms. Shubhantika Padhi

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