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Need to step up your game, isn’t it? Who said that only clothes and makeup complete your look? Nope! You need to look at a lot of aspects and spice it up  before you think that your look is complete. One question that bugs most of us is how to accessorize well

Accessories play a supreme role while you dress up. Accessories not only involve jewellery, but a lot of other things as well. Along with jewellery, you also need to have a glance at hair accessories, footwear, waist accessories and most importantly, COLOR PATTERNS. Now I know, most of you must be reasoning with yourself about how all this is that important.

Let’s go ahead and read!


Most of us prefer to leave our hair loose so they can be their natural self. But in order to get its natural self, you can also try some hair accessories. It always depends on what kind of outfit you are choosing to wear and what kind of event you are going to. Hair accessories offer you an easy way to show off your personal style! If you are the one who loves to do research before trying something new, I am 100% sure that you must have come across SCRUNCHIES. Scrunchies are totally “in”! If you wanna look younger, you can always tie half of your hair up. In order to do that, you can try scrunchies, especially the silk ones. 

Examine your collection. Can you swap items? If you have plain black or white hair pins, can you swap it with colored and printed ones? If you don’t have hair bands, can you try one? Or better yet, can you try a French or Indian bun? Always Experiment!

  • BELTS:

You know, there are a lot of girls who ruminate about belts being only for jeans’ or pants. If you are one of those, then let me tell you, you might be slightly mistaken. Belts are for jeans’ and pants, yes! But they are NOT ONLY for them. You can always attempt for waist belts with dresses, long or short, pant saree, normal Indian saree, heavy lehengas, everything!  Just remember, if you are trying belts with heavy dresses, like lehengas or sarees, go for plain belts. Doesn’t matter if they are wide or narrow belts or the ones with embellishments, if you want to define your waistline, opt for belts, girl! Belts would help you make your outfit look even more esthetic.


Time to revamp your wardrobe. Trying out something new will never go out of style. Something that always keep modernizing is HANDBAGS. From tots to clutches, you can always experiment with new bags with your current outfits. You want a unique accessory? Well, don’t worry ladies, handbags are always a unique accessory to try out with. If your wardrobe is stocked up with handbags, then you always have an option to try a new way to accessorize it.  Make sure the colors are way more contrasting so they are always vibrantly visible.


With winters being approached, trust me, when I say this, nothing is better than the WINTER ACCESSORIES. You have a lot of things to try with, in winters. Starting from woolen caps to boots, that is, head to toe, you can totally dress up to express yourself! Scarfs, head gears, gloves, overcoats, boots, etc. not only keep you warm, but be a style statement itself. So, if you are choosing overcoats for the day, try boots along with it. If you are choosing scarfs and gloves, try having a woolen cap as well! And Bam! You are good to go!

You know what they say, change is the only constant. So keep experimenting, and keep trying new things.!

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