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Hey Girl! You being here means even you have those ridiculous period cramps and they annoy you a lot. Yes? They can irritate you to the another extent. Sometimes, the pain exceeds and that makes you wonder how to stop, isn’t it? But, what are the real reasons behind these pains? Why do you suffer with all these cramps? And what exactly can you do to stop them? A lot of gynecologists say to avoid medicines during your menstrual cycle because you never know which medicine can affect you. So, what to do?

First let’s see what actually causes these cramps.

  • PMS

PMS, or Premenstrual Syndrome, has been affecting a lot of women when they are menstruating. Research says, PMS affects 90% of menstruating women. So basically, when a woman is said to be PMSing, it means that all the symptoms start 2-3 days before her actual periods. 

Gynecologists say that PMS happens when Estrogen & Progesterone levels dip before the beginning of each period. The symptoms of PMS may include extreme fatigue, a lot of irritability, itching and menstrual cramps. If you feel you have all these symptoms, it is recommended that you visit the gynecologist so you can get proper treatment.


Ovarian cysts develop in the ovaries, during ovulation. Cyst is a harmless sac of fluid that women develop at least one, every month but that naturally fades. But, some women have multiple or large ovarian cysts which are most likely to create complications and cause pain. The other cause for ovarian cysts could be PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

PCOS is a very common disease in women. For those who don’t know, PCOS is a condition where women face hormonal imbalance due to which small, harmless cysts grow in the ovaries. Problem with PCOS is it causes painful periods, difficulty getting pregnant and many more health concerns. Basic symptoms of PCOS are irregular periods, weight gain, difficulty in losing weight, excess hair on body & face, a lot of acne, especially on JAWLINE, hairfall, etc.. If you are detected with PCOS, it’s a personal advice, consult a gynecologist because later without treatment it can get worse. 



Yup! Quite difficult, isn’t it? The idea of having junk food every now & then sounds great. But, doing that, in the process we forget what side effects junk food may cause us. Other than the very obvious (weight gain), junk food is high in sugar as well as salt, being a major reason for muscle pain and can make cramps even worse than they already are.

If you have sugar cravings during your periods, then grab a banana every now and then.


Drinking water is a solution to hundreds of problems, lol! But that’s true, bub. Let’s face it. The scientific reason behind drinking water during your cramps is that it reduces bloating during your periods. If you opt for lukewarm water, it’s more convenient for you to fight the cramps. Because it can increase blood flow throughout your body that helps in relaxing your muscles. This majorly helps in reducing uterine contractions.


Another way of reducing cramps naturally is welcoming herbal tea in your life. Herbal tea has anti-inflammatory properties as well as the compounds that help you reduce the muscle spasms in the uterus where you feel the most cramps. Ginger tea can be your best friend forever! If you want more motivation for drinking herbal tea, look at it this way, it helps you with insomnia & releases stress. Voila! Now you have it in you to drink this!


Sorry caffeine lovers! I know how hard it must be for you to even think of not having caffeine. But if you wanna fight cramps, you can opt for decaf. Basically caffeine causes blood vessels to narrow. This leads to severe cramps which most probably will distract you from doing any work. To all who actually rely on coffee for most of the day or even just for afternoon nap, switch to a high protein snack. It’ll do wonders!


Heating pads are always one of the best options to reduce period cramps. They help you in relaxing your muscles and improve the blood flow. Once the heating pad starts to do its job, you will automatically release a lot of tension.

Always try to choose home remedies over western medicines because home remedies won’t cause you any side-effects whereas there are high chances that western medicines might cause you side effects especially on your periods. Until and unless the doctor recommends any medicine, avoid taking it on your own.!

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