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Heyyy Would-be-brides..!!! How’s your hunt for ultimate dress coming up? Good? Confused? Totally cracked up? At the verge of crying?

Yeah, got it! So, you are looking for some kick-ass ideas that would not only make your dream day even way more dreamier but will also make the time stand still for your groom when he sees you!

Well, like old times, let us be your KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR! So, to make it easier for you, there are some INCOMPARABLE and tried and tested ideas for all the beautiful brides out there who can always opt for these dresses. 

Other than what dress you are choosing, we girls should keep in mind the color palette matters a lot. For your day events, the color palette would be super different and for night occasions your color palette will vary! So, whenever you choose a dress, don’t only look for occasions but also for the time this particular occasion is gonna take place at.

So as per my home-work for you, here is a spectacular collection of bridal color palette. 


It is as amazing as it sounds! Pastel colors never go out of fashion, may it be a winter wedding or a summer wedding. Pastel is a color that makes your look even more beautiful! If it’s a day wedding, pastel colors would be raging if combined with some unique colors. 

As a pro tip, try using EMERALD GREEN along with Pastel Colors, it’ll do perfect justice with you!


Did you ever notice how blue is one of the many shades that is used more often? I mean, is blue one of those colors that make you look fantastic? Yes! It is! Look at any designer, for that matter. Their choice of color is blue. Ever heard of fifty shades of blue? Trust me, it’ll make your day! Because blue is actually a ruling color in brides! If it’s a night wedding, then you can go for TURQUOISE or INDIGO. Whereas for a day wedding, you can always choose PASTEL BLUE, CRYSTAL BLUE or ICE BLUE.


Nope it’s not weird! Orange is creating history. If you don’t believe me, check out our Bollywood Celebrity Weddings. All our beautiful brides out there wore orange in at least one of their functions and not only did they slay the day, but also created history for so many girls! There’s never harm in giving yourself a vibrant touch especially when it’s your wedding day! Orange is a color that suits all skin tones and still gives you a glow! This is for sure that in the upcoming time, Orange is going to be that radiant color that everyone would like to opt for!


What never goes out of fashion? What never goes out of style? <DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL> OUR VERY OWN RED COLOR! Red Color never goes old! Red color is basically every bride’s timeless celebration. When in doubt, choose red. That is what is most of the girl’s mantra. To compliment the wintery lehenga, brides can contrast different shades of red.


We girls wanna create our own trend, isn’t it? And in order to do that, we like to check what is going on in today’s time and then like to change that. So, to save your time, let me tell you, Metallics is something that has entered the race. Bollywood has brought metallics in and other colors are out! To all the “would-be-brides” out there, metallic can easily be your color. All you have to do is, select your mehendi design and jewellery carefully. For any one of your functions, definitely select this!

So, what’s your final choice? Going with which color to make your day the best one ever!? Oh btw, did I mention, with whatever color you wear, make sure to wear that beautiful smile on the perfect day!

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