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Hey there people!! Skincare routines can be hard to follow and maintaining them gives us a major headache sometimes. Are you also looking for some knacks or hacks  to improve your routine with minimal effort? Well yay! We got for you, some secrets of Bollywood Divas that will help you keep your daily skincare routines a lot easier. 


There is no better skincare routine out there other than that of Miss Universe 2021 herself! She has a very simple and worked out routine, especially for dry and sensitive skin. For all the people who have dry & sensitive skin this is for you! After all, Harnaaz Sandhu herself gave these tips.  

  1. Cleansing milk!

 Yes! Cleansing milk all over your face is the first step to keep your skin hydrated and healthy and that is what Harnaaz Sandhu does. She in fact said that she never moves out of her room without cleansing milk. Being the one with sensitive and dry skin, cleansing milk helps her in keeping her skin hydrated. 

  1. The 2nd step is something which should be implemented everyday. Balancing toner is something you should apply on a daily basis, it shouldn’t be rubbed on your skin, it should be tapped out, and so says Miss Universe 2021. 

By doing this step your skin will have the blood flowing in your facial muscles, which will rejuvenate your skin and give it a better glow. BALANCING TONER is her secret to youthful skin.

  1. Keep your skin healthy and hydrated by applying moisturizer everyday. According to Harnaaz, her natural glow is obtained because she uses moisturizer daily.
  2. One of the most important things you should do for your skin and what Harnaaz Sandhu follows is to apply SPF sunscreen lotion. Even our Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu does not step out of her house without applying SPF on her face as it keeps your skin pollution free and sun protected.

So, this is what Miss Universe does for her morning routine and it takes only 10 minutes to do so. Doesn’t it make you wonder whether you should have hydrated skin throughout the day by taking 10 minutes of time out of your day or should you have dry skin 24/7?


These two Bollywood divas have set major goals in terms of skincare and fitness. Their natural glow is EVERYTHING!!! Both the actresses have a different love for yoga and skin care and as a matter of fact that is their secret too! Let’s take a sneak peek at their routines and take a step forward to attain our healthy skins.

  • First up is Pranayama and Yoga. It’s fascinating how both of these are slow processes but they give us huge results which reflect in our skins. Kareena Kapoor Khan never misses the chance of starting her day with yoga. 

In an interview she said, “Yoga is very inclusive and all one needs is the zeal to commit. For me, yoga is a wholesome approach to wellness that impacts mind, body, and soul, and there is no prerequisite to begin yoga.

  • Yoga takes all of the toxins out from our body and gives us a natural glow and by doing “Anulom Vilom” for about 12 times gets the blood flowing in our facial muscles and keeps you active throughout the day. Talking about yoga, Mira Kapoor said, “Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect. It needn’t be a set pattern or a correct number of reps. It’s about connecting with your body, through your body and with nature.
  • Do home remedies work? Mira kapoor has given us a solution which is so handy that by doing it you will for sure achieve radiant skin like you always wanted. She consumes “Raisins + Water” everyday. Now the benefit of this drink is it will purify your blood cells and tissues from the inside and give you healthy skin outside. All you have to do is soak 5 raisins in ¼ cup of water overnight and drink it in the morning with warm water.

To be the best, always know what is the right direction to go in. When you take inspiration from someone, and follow their routine, always make sure that you follow it with all your heart. Be dedicated to what you do, and trust the procedure. Good Luck!

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