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We all are in high spirits with 2022 being approached in our lives expecting it to be better than the past 2 years. Well, who doesn’t want it to be happier after what 2020 and 2021 has looked like! Isn’t it time to jubilate this year? How about making this year more about HAPPY BEAUTY rather than letting it “go with the flow”? 

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Have you ever wondered how your beauty could be exceptional without much of a hassle?

Let’s dive into it without wasting much of your precious time!

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Ever heard of something called “self happiness”? Here’s a pro tip for you- When you are happy, your skin is elated too! The more downhearted you are, the more it shows on your skin and it could often lead to acne and other skin problems. Who wants that? No one! So what can you do for your own contentment? How does a massage sound to you? Placating, isn’t it? Massage is the best therapy leading to calmness and making yourself cheerful! You deserve a relaxing massage after the hectic time that you have to go through. 

You don’t have to go to a masseuse for a massage. You can make your own essential oils at home and give yourself a treat. Self massage relieves stress and that muscle tension that you feel. Oh! FYI, home-made essential oils help you beautify your skin and give you a salon-like glow! Do try it..!


Everything starts with “self-Care”! When you are trying to beautify yourself for your own happiness, then don’t leave any stone unturned. Massage is your first therapy. Second is, Pedicure and Manicure. Uh-huh! Dipping your feet in warm water with rose petals and a bit of honey and salt, is what everything one desires for. 

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Did you know, giving your feet the “warm water treatment” allows your skin to feel gentle and works on the dead skin of the foot just fine? Do try it. As for your perfect manicure idea, you can use your scrub after soaking your hands in warm water for some time. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands after you are done. To make it look even more salon-like, complete your manicure with a Nail Base.

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Protecting your skin is so important these days! Isn’t it? With manicures and pedicures being completed successfully, it’s time for you to take care of your face too! Oh wait, what was it? You aren’t going out? So? What rulebook says that you have to look beautiful only when you are heading out? Always make yourself look just like you want and WHENEVER you want! Remember how we talked about massage with homemade essential oils? Well, once your skin feels as light as you want it to be, why not notch it up a bit? Time to exfoliate your skin gently using soft scrubs. Avoid hard scrubs because they can scrape your skin and your skin could end up with rashes. Exfoliation is the first step.  Your second step is to cool your skin and make it glow by using sheet masks. Sheet masks allow your skin to glow and make it look beautiful just like you want it.

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So, let’s make 2022 different and think of “self-beauty” and “self-happiness”! Let’s do what our skin wants and make it glimmer throughout the year! What do you think? And how are you thinking of spending this year? Do think!
Until then…….. See you soon with some more new Self Happiness Ideas!

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