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Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Mandalas: Beginner Friendly

For how long have you been scribbling at the back of random textbooks and newspapers and never really paid attention to those beautiful creations? Honestly, I was one of you as well until I discovered that this talent of mine has been recognised globally and it is actually a skill! 

I am referring to MANDALA art!! Yes, those pretty concentric circles with breathtaking designs and engravings. While, Mandala art is in-born in most of us, it is best to enhance this skill and as beginners, what’s better than starting off with FLORAL MANDALA ART? 

A step by step guide to it!! 

But before we get started, do you know what a Mandala is? 

Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols and is derived from the Sanskrit word for “circle.” It is a spiritual and religious symbol that is thought to represent the universe and cosmos. Its goal is to aid in healing and to enlighten ordinary minds.

Having said that, I find mandalas extremely enjoyable to draw and colour. Geometric patterns combined with floral-inspired designs are right up my alley! And I’ll be more than happy to share some beginner mandala drawing tips and tricks with you! 

Materials Required: 

  • Pencil 
  • Ruler(scale) 
  • Eraser
  • Good quality paper
  • Geometrical Compass
  • Protractor
  • Fine Liners 


The very first step is to create your guide! The quickest way to do this is to use a compass or the nearest spherical object you can find! Find the centre of your paper and draw circles of varying sizes on it. Then, using the line tool, draw lines every 30 degrees all the way around your circle!


Draw each layer of shapes around your guide with the pencil. For this step, I just went a little crazy and drew shapes that I liked or that came to me at random. You can have all of the shapes be the same or a variety of shapes! Once you’ve got it the way you want it, ink in your shapes with a ballpoint pen!


Draw the outlines of the shapes with the pen itself. You can draw these lines with a single line or with two lines. Double lines will aid in amplifying each layer.


This is my personal favourite step! Using Fineliners or a ball point pen, add details to each of the shapes. This is where you can get inspiration from Pankhuri’s Floral Mandala masterclass!

Link to Register: https://pankhuri.co/master-class/register/1129


Colour in the negative space around your mandala with fine liners or basic sketch pens. This will add depth and dimension to the piece, as well as make the white sections stand out! I also used thin fine liners to shade all of the flowers.


Finally, add any additional embellishments to your mandala. Now comes the exciting part: use the Eraser to erase all of the pencil guides and marks on your page! It’s so satisfying to see the page come to life and to see it all come together!

If you’re wondering where I learned this or where I got this idea, look no further. Pankhuri’s Mandala masterclass is the answer! And to all of you, our bliss masterclass for beginners on Floral Mandala will be LIVE on the PANKHURI APP on February 18th, 2022!!!

Here’s the registration link: https://pankhuri.co/master-class/register/1129

What exactly are you waiting for? I hope to see you there!

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