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The emotional, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, ‘It’s a girl’. – Shirley Chisholm.

Did you know that children have the ability to see the world as limitless, well then how come that changes? This changes when adults indicate that some objects or actions are off limits for children based on their gender, their worlds shrink, which is not only sad, but also harmful. How do we stop it?


  1. Toys should be toys—for both boys and girls!

“Dolls are for girls, and trucks are for boys.” “Why?” I inquire. Allow your child to engage in any activities they like. If your son enjoys playing with kitchen sets, it may be because he sees his mother cook every day and aspires to be like her, while a girl’s fascination with transformers may be due to her preference for action toys over Barbie dolls. Encourage your children to be anything they want to be because they may feel useless if they run out of options in their current fields. Allow them to make the decision, as they will enjoy it.and learn so much more. 

  1. Pink for GIRLS and Blue for BOYS!

Our society has become so conventional that colours in genders have been stereotyped as well! When your child goes to school and wears a blue dress or a pink shirt to a picnic, their classmates will ask, “Are you a woman, because you’re wearing a pink shirt?” or “Do you want to be a boy when you grow up? what colour are you wearing?” It’s because they noticed whether we were dressed in pink and blue according to our gender. And Isn’t it possible that they’re telling others the same thing? Stop telling yourself or others that boys can only wear green or blue and girls can only wear red or pink because colour has no gender.


  1. Women are natural nurturers; Men are natural leaders

We’ve been told since the beginning of time that males can work outside because they have more physical strength, while women take care of their houses because they can nurse and care for their children. We should ask our society why men have more physical strength than women because they can lift things and have muscles. ?So, how do you explain a woman’s physical strength during childbirth? And why aren’t men permitted to look after their homes, to be tender, emotional, and excellent nurturers? If a woman can cook, clean, care for a child, and run the house on the money you give her, why couldn’t she go out and be a leader in any field she wants to be in and manage it better than you?

  1. Women don’t need equal pay because they are supported by their husbands

While we watch that woman’s popularity in the corporate world is rising around the world, we still have a stupid stereotype around paychecks. Women have struggled to break into various industries and establish their names from the older generation to the present in order to prove to the rest of the world that they can do it. Why do we continue to tell women that no matter what job they get, they will be paid less than men? Do women not put in the same amount of effort as men? Aren’t they better qualified than men? Is it because they don’t understand what they’re doing or because they don’t manage it well? Despite the fact that women outperform men in every way, us women are always at odds. Why? We need to stop discriminating against women in the workplace and bring them to equality because no matter what the situation is, we are capable enough.

With the fast-changing world around us, we often forget how our actions can affect the other person, and if we want this change to occur, we must be the change.

 We have to learn that: “Stereotypes do exist, but we have to walk through them.”- Forest Whitaker.

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