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Spring has almost sprung. It’s time to bring out the brightest and boldest shades of colours this season. It’s a year of nostalgia. We’re welcoming back the 80s and the Y2K fashion (the Year of the 2000s). The Y2K trend started in the late 1990s until the mid-2000s.  

It’s all about being extra fabulous but still a strong demand for easy, simple and functional. While functional clothes are, indeed, a piece of the 2022 style, they’re not the only items on deck. With the days getting longer and undeniably warmer, we can finally focus on the spring-summer 2022 fashion trends – praise be! While you may still be wearing a jumper (or a light cardigan) as you read this, rest assured that balmy eves are just around the corner.

So, with that in mind, it’s time to brush up on all the hottest styles, colours, prints, and It-pieces set to dominate the coming season. Checking out the hottest trends now will not only make you look super ‘in the know’ when shopping with your friends, but you’ll also be aware of what to look for on the high street, allowing you to snag the high street cult pieces before they inevitably sell out.

Let’s explore what’s in store for S/S22.

1) Cut-out Outfits

Cut-out dominated the 2022 runways. Skin is in this season. A little peek-a-boo harmed nobody. It evokes glamour and sensuality. A cut-out on the shoulder or waist is just the amount of pizzazz your outfit requires. It’s like accessorising your ‘fit. Fuelling a resurgence in party wear. If you’re hesitant about this trend, now is the perfect time to start experimenting with it. 

2) Dramatic Draping

This is the most elegant trend of S/S22. Beautifully draped, ruffled and pleated fabrics are flattering, romantic and classic pieces. Their intricate and beautiful design has trickled down to incredibly wearable options now available at your nearest fashion department store. 

There is no right or wrong with draping. Some prefer wearing something tight with a draped item. This creates a balance between the bulk and makes for a neat appearance. But, if you’re feeling a little adventurous you can also pair a draped item with another draped item. This creates an overall flowing look.

Drapes look terrific with Greek and Roman-inspired elements such as headdresses, bold metallic jewellery and gladiator sandals.

3) Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are back and they are shorter than ever. You can opt for bright colours, flannels or prints. Showing skin on the bottom and wearing something covered on the top could be a chic and youthful way to embrace this trend, without being too risqué. I think balancing the silhouette with an oversized sweatshirt, oversized blazer or turtle neck and boots or pantyhose will make it look more mature and give a balance to your overall silhouette. 

I’d suggest mixing it up. 

4) Voluminous Silhouettes

Go big or go home is our mantra for S/S22. From oversize shirts to ballooned silhouettes and a continuing saga of the puff sleeve trend. Dresses, tops and bottoms retain their volume in 2022. With the Y2K and the 80s resurgence in full swing shoppers are looking for bolder options. Just make sure you keep one of the silhouettes streamlined and bag micro to make the most of this trend.

5) Bright Bold colours 

Bridal colours are the colours of the season. Experiment with eclectic colours and unique prints. Wearing multiple unexpected colours together is the way to go this season. It’s the best way to make sure your outfits Pop. Whether you’re opting for athleisure or party wear, bold colour combinations are the right way to go. Pantone colour of 2022, very Peri is all over the runways. From lilacs to Deep purple, the peri family is easy to Don as it pairs beautifully with many other colours. Lock in your signature Hue sooner rather than later.

6) Varsity Team

In the last few years we’ve noticed immense changes in the fashion ecosystem but none as impactful as the widespread use of leisurewear. Skip the mundane go for unexpected necklines (Tanks and sports bras will feature scoop necks, sweetheart or One shouldered), Bold colours, bold prints, and bold textures. In short, make it chic.

7) Bra tops

In 2020, we ditched brass to embrace the new work from home attire. In 2022, we wholeheartedly embraced them as standalone alternatives to shirts or tops. It’s a very versatile piece of garment. Layer it under power suits, and crop jackets. Pair it with low-rise jeans or high slit skirts. Nevertheless, it’s a style that is here to stay. The best part, the sky is the limit with its styling options.

8) Sparkle, Sequins and Metallics

We can’t talk about the emergence of the 80s fashion without mentioning sparkles, sequins and metallics. Don the most bling outfit in your closet for a party. But, don’t shy away from sparkle during the day. A juxtaposition of a plain simple top with a sequence bottom is the right amount of glamour for your day look.

9) Co-Ords

Co-ords have become a wardrobe staple. But the past two years have led to an ongoing love affair for knits, jerseys and many more comfortable Fabrics. The best part of a co-ord is that you can never go wrong with the styling. It’s the easiest ensemble to Don when in a hurry or in doubt.


10) Low-Slung Jeans 

High-rise jeans may have dominated award rooms and fashion choices for over a decade, But in spring 2022 things get a lot more Y2K as the low waist makes it back to the forefront of the sartorial consciousness. There are all about the midriff-bearing opt for cropped tops for the whole Y2K drama.

Now, you’re well aware of the trends that are pondering this summer/spring experiment with things that you wouldn’t normally. Because this is the biggest trend of all this season, experimenting. ‘Cause safe is boring. Until my next blog on fashion, stay stylish my beautiful readers.



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