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When it comes to one’s home, we frequently forget that it must be kept organised in order to look nicer. We may do everything, but we always forget to organise the dresser with the most drawers. And there is a Japanese proverb that we should remember: “A messy room is a messy mind”. 

We all know how difficult it is to keep fussy drawers in your dresser, and waking up to them is even worse…. It’s so disorganised that it’ll drive you insane. So why not start now? Here are some simple tips to help you organise your dresser neatly.


One of the most effective ways to clean up your mess is to throw out what is no longer needed, but not in a disastrous manner. Simply make a pile of the things you want to get rid of and either give them to someone who can use them or recycle them, Bp we can help others or save the environment.


After you’ve decided what clothes, towels, undergarments, and footwear to keep, designate a separate category for each pile of clothes to make it easier to manage. Now that you know this, keep repeating the process until your dresser is clean.

Pro tip: Rolling up small clothes allots a lot of space and is easier to arrange.


These three methods will be the most effective for organising your dresser. Option number one is to organise according to the occasion, dividing casual, party, and formal into different sections and placing them in larger draws to avoid confusion, especially during emergencies.

Option number two is to organise by season, which is a little more complicated but still simple. Take four large drawers and separate your clothes according to the four seasons, and you’ll be good to go.

Option 3 is the easiest one where you can organise your clothing according to the type of clothes like lingerie, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, skirts, jeans and so on. Now this technique will work magically if you follow it properly.


This is an important aspect of organising. Folding techniques are important because they can or cannot be the cause of good space. To tidy up your space, avoid folding your clothes in a way that makes them bulky; instead, fold them in the neatest way possible. For example, instead of folding your T-shirts 5 times, make 2-3 folds to form a thin layer and pile them up, or roll your towels instead of folding them in the usual clothes style so that you can stack as many as possible.


This is a perfect solution for all your small items like towels, socks, handkerchiefs and so on. Create dividers in a single drawer to avoid mixing clothes and arrange them accordingly so that you don’t get confused or forget where you kept them. Because let’s face it once they’re gone, it’s not easy to find them.


The heading speaks for itself and this is not stupid it’s actually smart because instead of remembering where you kept your stuff label your dresser to avoid any confusion and the best part is it will always help you be organised. Label them as per your convenience of occasions, colours or whatever you choose.

That’s it folks say goodbye to mess and welcome an organised environment. Remember to use up this routine seasonally and avoid any kind of mess which will double your work. Hope these workout for you, try them and let me know how it goes.

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