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Tired of your usual hairstyle? Let’s dial up your hair game! If you are worried about having to pinch your pockets at the salon, we’ve got you covered. Get your hair colored just as effectively as the ones done in salons while sitting comfortably in your PJs at home. 
Ladies, get your bowls and brushes ready. Here we go!

Here are 19 pro hair colour tricks for you to follow while dyeing your hair at home.

1. Prior hair prep 

The first step of this process is prepping your hair beforehand. Wash your hair 24-48 hours prior to dyeing. Make sure there’s no scalp buildup. Remember, we want both the scalp and the length of your hair to be spic and span for best end results.

2. Pick out the right shade

Think twice before arriving at a conclusion as to what colour you’d go with. It’s advisable to pick a colour one shade lighter or one shade darker than your hair colour. Check the hair colour chart  in the dye box and choose the right shade. Also, keep in mind that your hair colour needs to go with your skin tone.

3.Organise the needed items

Have a quick look at the required items and tick them off your checklist. 

  • Dye kit – Developer,   Colour gel, hair colour conditioner 
  • mixing bowls
  • Combs and Brushes 
  • Towels
  • Gloves
  • Hair clips
  • Face wipes

Lay out the above mentioned items within reach to make it easier for you once you begin. 

4. Beware of chemicals!

While getting your dye kit, it is important to look for harmful chemicals like ammonia and peroxide. You don’t want to make your hair worse and cause breakage while trying to flaunt it with your new hair colour

5. Refrain from making a mess.

Once the hair prep is done and the required items are in check, wear a mediocre outfit, preferably a button down shirt, so that you won’t have trouble taking it off later. Also, see to it that it’s old, because no one wants to ruin their shirt! 

Put down newspapers on the floor to avoid creating a mess. 

6. Mix, mix, mixture.

Mix the dyes as per the instructions given in the dye box. Follow the given ratio chart and blend the hair colour with the developer. Make sure that the mixture is smooth. Never improvise! Do not experiment with mixing colours of different shades. 

7. Detangle your hair

Before applying the dye, brush your hair and get rid of tangles. This step is crucial for the dye to spread out  evenly and for the smoother application of the mixture. 

8. Guard yourself !

Okay, soldiers, get your shields on! Wear your gloves to avoid creating a mess with your hands. Protect your skin using vaseline or any sort of thick moisturiser, and this will help create a barrier between your skin and the dye. Apply this skin guard to your hairline, ears, neck, and wherever necessary. 

9. Start with a strand.

Before jumping straight to your hair, hit the brakes and do a strand test. Take a strand of hair and apply the hair dye that has been mixed into a solution. If you like the results, go ahead, or else you still have time to switch colours. 

10. Divide your hair into sections

Depending upon your length, make use of a comb and hair clips and part your hair into sections. This will ensure that the dye is evenly distributed without leaving out patches then and there.

11. Dye your roots first, and then the length.

If the strand test is a hit, let’s dive right in. Start with the roots of the hair and gradually reach the lengths, according to your preference. Never skip the roots and go straight for the hair. Use the applicator bottle to dispense the mixed dye solution on the roots and even it out throughout the length using your gloves. 

12. Mirror, mirror on the wall. 

You’ll need more than just the mirror on the wall. Keep a hand mirror within reach to get access to the back of your head. 

13. Wear your cap(e)

Once the dyeing process is done, secure your hair in a bun and wrap it up with a shower cap or anything of that sort. Let it rest for a while for the colour to settle in.

14. Tick, tick, tick.

Set a timer and keep track of time. You don’t wanna wash it away way too soon, and leaving it off for a long time might cause skin irritation. 

15. Wash it off.

After the timer goes off, take off the shower cap and rinse your hair in warm water. It’s completely normal if the hair colour runs in the shower. Wash till the running water is clear. 

16. Choose the right products

While rinsing your hair, use shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for colour treated hair. 

If not, the process might get messed up, and in the long run, the colour will start fading off too soon. 

17. Treat your hair with a toner

Use colour boosters or toners once a week to keep the hair colour in check. It also prevents your hair from frizzing out and enhances your texture.

18. Keep an eye out

Once the process is done, it doesn’t stop there. You need to take care of your newly coloured hair. Steer clear of excessive heat as it can meddle with the artificial colours. Also, avoid frequently washing your hair as it can fade the colour easily. 

19.Time to flaunt it

If the above steps are followed promptly, you’ll have the perfect hair with your desired look. So now that you’ve got it, flaunt it.

One general opinion of hair colouring is that it might ruin your hair and rough it up. But the truth is, if done in the right way and handled with care, y’all can flex your coloured hair with no regrets. So what’s stopping you now? Let’s do this. I’m going for Ruby Fusion. What’s your pick?

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