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When you are in the process of hustling for that muscle, it is essential that you are decked in clothes that are in vogue and still comfortable. If you are still wearing your leisure clothes during your physical activity sesh,  it’s time to upgrade your fashion gear. Just as Superman needs his cape, Spiderman needs his spidey suit and so do you. So suit up and stretch that muscle.

Activewear is not just about how you style yourself, but it renders a sort of flexibility and breathability for better workout sessions. Listed below are the most affordable activewear in the market right now: 

1. Clovia

Going by the brands’ slogan “Can’t stop , wont stop” , once you get into the right fit from their activewear ranging from sports bra, tights, t-shirts, gym shorts, tracks and the like, you give the body a freedom of movement that once you start your workout session, there’s no going back. 

2. Zivame 

An essential factor to keep in mind while choosing activewear is the material quality which Zivame succeeds in delivering with their moisture-wicking fabrics. Wear-at-home clothes retains sweat and feels heavy with the skin which becomes a factor of inconvenience during  workout. But with Zivame, you look good and feel good while you sweat it out.


Jockey’s athletic apparel is well-known for its movability. They selectively incorporate different fabrics for physical activities of various intensity and cater to your personal needs. Therefore, Jockey aims to provide activewear sets that are more durable while delivering it at a reasonable price.

4. Decathlon

Decathlon has the widest selection of sports apparel with functional fabrics. Each fit’s objective is to provide hassle free movement that every fitness enthusiast desires for. It helps in enhancing your performance while you workout in style with zero restriction in flexibility.

5. HRX

A brand built by our bollywood star, Hrithik Roshan, HRX is well-known for its rapid dry technology with an antimicrobial finish in its active wear collection. Even when all these is devised into the fit, the fabric goes easy on the skin and is sweat-resistant for you to feel every move. 

Alrighty, fitness freaks, now choose the right fit and keep the hustle on.

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