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9 Colour Blocking Ideas for a Bright, Cheery Home

 Are you worried that your home isn’t looking as great as it used to be? Anyway, interior designers say, ‘That one should invest in redecorating their house every four years as the trends keep changing and it might look outdated’.

 Whether you’re introducing a new décor, giving your space a fresh paint, or even doing a full renovation, everything comes down to colour and your choice of palette can make a big impact on the overall feel of your home. That’s what makes the colour block design a new décor obsession or fit for any style of space or area in the house. Well, we have seen colour blocking in runways before, now it has entered the home décor trend. Alright, lovelies! Without any further delay let’s get started.

Here are some of my favourite and inspiring colour blocking looks for the interior home:

1. Colour-block your walls:

Choosing perfect colours from the colour palette for your block wall is very essential. As you can see in this image, pastel orange with a bold olive green colour makes a bold statement.Playing with colours on your wall should be creative, as it shows your perspective and taste. Don’t hesitate, show your art by painting your walls bold and creative.

2. Interior of cabinets:

Many may think colouring cabinetry  wouldn’t come under colour blocking technique, yet adding a bold or a pastel colour to your cabinets which are contrasting with the walls is definitely an art. This kitchen looks absolutely stunning with its bold colours contrasting with the walls.

3. Dining area:

Well, if you’re not scared of making a bold statement, just take a look at this lovely dining area. It is a complete blue bold contrasting with bright yellow. Doesn’t look any less than a fairytale. Imagine having such a beautiful dining area. Still puzzled? Don’t be, all you need to do is just think about your favourite colours and the contrasting as well, then maybe you could make a choice. 

4. Colour blocking for doorways:

Oh my days! You guys, just look at this. I love the idea of having this colour block doorways. It looks absolutely fascinating with these quite subtle pastels. You should try this if you are renovating or painting your house. If you don’t much love this look maybe trying this on your kids play room would be so fun. Kids would totally adore it.

5. Shapes & patterns:

Colour blocking can give any space a personality of its own by using multiple shapes and shades to create a unique pattern.Trying out different shapes, patterns and shades is the key. Take a look at this beautiful wall with pastel colours and different shapes yet elegant.

6. Monochrome for washrooms:

Ever imagined having a washroom so classy yet modern. It’s a minimalist washroom painted with monochromatic blues. It is such a beaut. Maybe you can go with bold monochrome colours, experimenting with monochromes seems to be an art.

7. Welcome a wall art:

From colour-blocked painting to wall art paintings, you can use a hell of a lot of things to make your walls look more modern. It can be huge paintings and even DIY minimalist wall art pieces. Maybe you can go DIY, exploring colours on a white sheet and hanging it as your wall art would also be a creative art work.

8. Two tones for windows:

When it comes to windows, it’s stylish to mix shades. If you’re not up for purchasing new curtains, DIY them with the colour-blocking theme. Attach a fabric in a contrasting colour on the lower half of the curtain. Do remember to keep the colour of your walls neutral in this case. Adding colourful white and- range curtains to this bedroom keeps the space feeling dynamic and vibrant with minimal wall décor. 

9. Metallics:

If your colour-blocked  walls are painted in a darker shade, liven up your space with metallic accents just like the lamp, flower vase and a classy table while complementing the lighter tones on the floor. It totally gives a royal yet modern look to your space.

Trying out new things is always a bliss! Try out this trendy colour-blocking for your lovely home.That’s all for today folks! Let us know how these ideas have helped you in the comments section below! 

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