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It’s finally here!  THE PRIDE MONTH !!

Every year, the month of June is entirely dedicated for the commemoration festivities of sexual and gender minorities’ liberation. How good it is to celebrate people for who they are and cherish their identities ! But it must be borne in mind that we must keep sustaining them and the love and support must not fade away once the pride month is over. Celebrate love today and everyday.  Happy Pride to all those who have dared to be themselves, breaking out of their closets, ultimately proving to the world that love knows no gender and everybody has the right to make their own choices – YOU DO YOU

Now that the pride month is here, don’t hide your gay pride. Hit the party lights and turn up the music !! I’ll be your personal party planner for the month and assist you with all the planning. Let’s start off with a few pride party ideas. 

1. Theme is the essence of the party. 

Themes bring life to a party and coming up with a jaw-dropping theme can be nerve wracking. Certain ideas you have built up in your head can be vague but add a hint of creativity to do the trick. Let’s give the classic themes a rest this time and attempt to pull off Hollywood glam, Glow in the dark, Arabian Nights , Not your regular superhero (costume party) etc. to throw a killer party. 

2.Decor on fleek.

To get your party in the limelight, you gotta spruce up the place with apt decorations. To add more prideness, make use of rainbow inspired decor in tassels, marquee light, balloons, pom-poms and strobe lights. Perk up the place with vibrant colours and add a lil oomph to your party. 

3. Dress up and show up!

Planning your outfit  is crucial as it must go hand-in-hand with the theme of the party. Keep it simple but sophisticated and stick to your sense of self. Doll yourself up and click that OOTD selfie for your gram!

4. Life of the party – Music.

For throwing a perfect bash, upbeat music is ideal for setting the mood. After all, who wants to pass time in a dull, lifeless party? Understand your audience and their collective preference, create the ultimate playlist beforehand and hit it ! Good music = Good vibes.

5. Keep those drinks coming.

You gotta see to it that your guests get the best refreshments, after all that heavy dancing. Level up your mocktail game and play with colours to make layered pride drinks to go with the theme. Make use of coloured syrups of the right flavour and tickle their taste buds

6. Mini game night.

What’s a P A R T Y without  G A M E S? Get your hands on the rainbow deck cards to suit the theme and come up with various card games as per your liking. Add an LGBTQ edition to the customary party games – Who in the room?, Who’s most likely to?, Never have I ever, and the like to get the party going. 

7. Wall of Pride.

To bring in the essence of the Pride month, encourage the guests to write a note on what it means for them to be a part of the pride community. Lay out sticky notes and colour pens and stick the note on the wall thereby creating a ‘Wall of Pride’ 

8. Grab a prop, strike a pose!

Set up a separate corner to capture crazy pictures of the night which will act as a keepsake from the party. A snap can trigger a thousand memories so it is essential to  always set up a photobooth and add fun elements to it using party props .

Now that everything’s set, it’s time to party ! Send out invitations, tie a string of pride flags, bring in the festive spirit and P-A-R-T-Y  like there’s no tomorrow. Happy hour!

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