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Does the mere sight of plants make you happy? The green lustre is a sight to sore eyes, isn’t it? The scent of the flowers infused in the air,  lil’ blossoms peeping through the green grass, buzzing bees flapping between flowers, blooming buds, the golden glow of sunlight covering the entire garden—all this intensifies the love for gardening, but the hard truth is that gardening cannot be just driven by love for plants and nature. It demands commitment and patience. As the garden grows, so shall the gardener.

Gardening is an art, and not everyone can master it on their first try. But hey, as always, we are here to lend you a hand. Dig up the 8 gardening tips listed below, get your garden gloves on, and start planting to reap the rewards of your happy place!

1.Pick out the right spot.

Finding the ideal location to set up your garden is one of the crucial steps. You cannot just start off with the first spot you see and begin the entire process as such.  You should bear in mind that the exposure of plants to sunlight, the type of soil underneath, the proximity of the water source, and ample space for the plants to breathe are all determined by the spot you choose. However, sunlight is the most essential factor, as different plants enjoy different exposures to light. While some plants enjoy basking in the full shade, some prefer partial or dappled shade. So you gotta be picky about the gardening space, giving a thought through all this. 

2. Look for a water source.

Next to sunlight, your plants will require water as it contains the essential nutrients for them to stand upright. Therefore, it would be best to plan your garden site around the nearest source of water. It will save you the hassle of having to fetch water from a distance every time you need to water your plants. 

3. Soil for life!

Plants are highly dependent on food (nutrients) and water for their survival, and it is delivered to them by the soil they are planted on. Hence, setting up the soil must be done with care. Get started with fine soil and rework it by removing large lumps and stones present in it. The soil must be worked out in a way that water seeps through the soil without any complications, thereby making it easier for the plants to absorb nutrients effortlessly. 

4. Must haves.

While Thor cannot go on without  his hammer, Captain America needs his shield, and y’all need the basic gardening tools to get started. Make use of a spade to dig up holes to plant seeds or seedlings, a hand rake to clear out the debris and dried leaves, and loppers to cut unwanted branches. Get your hands on ‘em and start working on your happy place.

5. Make the right choice.

The choice of plants cannot be left completely in your hands. The place you live in and its climatic setting are what lay out the options for you to pick out the plants. You must also take into consideration the garden space you’ve allotted, the  native environment of the plant and your planting scheme. Only if it ticks off all the boxes, can you place it in your garden. 

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It would be selfish of you if you hydrate yourself and let your dear lil’ plants suffer. I water  them regularly on a daily basis. Avoid going overboard with watering them and do not let your plants go all thirsty and finally dry out. Either way, it’ll end in a disaster. Therefore, water only the required amount each plant demands. Also remember to do a periodic soil moisture test. Test with your finger-if the soil is damp up to your first knuckle, that’s exactly what we’re looking for. 

7. Mulch it up!

Mulch is an all-rounder in your gardening process. It keeps the weeds in check, preserves soil moisture, restrains frosting, blocks out excessive sunlight, thereby preventing evaporation of water from the soil, and turns into an organic manure when it decomposes at last-Phew! What can it NOT do? 

8. Feed your plant babies 🙂

Apart from the nutrients extracted from the soil and water, your plants will need an extra dose of nourishment. Don’t we all crave food at times? Therefore, it is your duty as a plant mom to boost your plants with highly nutritious supplements in the form of fertilisers, microbes, and plant tonics at regular intervals. 

So what are you waiting for now? Gear up and get your green space ready once and floral !

Happy Blooms!

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