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Pune also known as Poona is the seventh most populous city in India and the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020.It has been ranked “the most liveable city in India” several times. One of the things you’re gonna be fascinated about is the street food of pune.What makes Pune’s street foods special are the small eateries that got established years ago and has gain fame over the years, transforming from stalls to little shops. We are here to help you find the best street food of the city.

Must try street food in pune : 

1. Keema pav

Keema pav is a popular variation in which an egg is scrambled into the cooked keema before it is served. The egg adds a delicious creamy element, balancing the spiciness of the keema.

Places to try : Goodluck cafe, Dorabjee & sons.

2. Misal Pav

This hardcore Maharashtrian delicacy is loved by many foodies in Pune. Punekars take a lot of pride in this dish that has many flavors. Misal is a spicy curry made of lentils and peas, then garnished with a savory item called Farsan and topped with finely chopped onions and coriander leaves.Soft and fluffy bread called pav is toasted on a tawa with a generous dollop of butter and served with Misal completing the dish tastefully.

Places to try :  Bedekar Tea Stall (Narayan Peth), Katakirr Misal (Karve Nagar), Shree Misal (Sadashiv Peth), Masti Misal (Kothrud).

3. Vada pav

It is one of the most humble street foods in Mumbai, yet it is tasty and delicious. Vada pav basically has Batata vada which is sandwiched between two slices of a pav (dinner roll) topped with sweet chutney, green chutney, and dry garlic chutney.

 Places to try : J.J Garden Vada Pav Camp (Bootee Street), Priyadarshan Snacks (Deccan Gymkhana)Joshi Wadewale (Congress House Road), Shri Sainath Vadapav Centre (Chakrapani Vasahat) 

4. Sabudana Vada 

Sabudana vada is a popular crisp fried snack made with tapioca pearls (sago), roasted peanuts, boiled potatoes and herbs.

Places to try : Stalls at JM Road, Shrinathji Sabudana Vada (Rameshwar Chouk), Wadeshwar FC (FC Road).

5. Pav Bhaji

 Pav Bhaji is a flavorsome and hearty meal that has a delicious blend of spicy mixed vegetables, served alongside soft butter toasted dinner rolls,crunchy onions & lemon wedges. A total crowd pleaser with bold flavors!

Places to try : Siddharth Pav Bhaji (Ambedkar Road), Mayur Pav Bhaji and Juice Bar (Karve Nagar), Rajendra Pav Bhaji (Rasta Pet), Supreme Corner (Jangali Maharaj Rd), Sapna Pav Bhaji (Bibvewadi)

6. Dabeli.

Dabeli is a popular snack food of India. It is a sweet snack made by mixing boiled potatoes with a special dabeli masala, putting the mixture in a ladi pav (burger bun), and serving it with chutneys made from tamarind, date, garlic, red chilies and other ingredients. It is garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts.

Places to try : Yashwant Dabeli (Pulachi Wadi), Jai Jalaram Kacchi Dabeli (Rasta Peth), Umiya Kacchi Dabeli (Karve Nagar), Shri Swami Samarth Kachchi Dabeli (Shivaji Nagar)

7. Poha

Poha is a quick indian breakfast made with flattened rice, onions,spices,herbs & peanuts. This delicious & nutritious dish is eaten in many regions of india so there are numerous ways to make it. Pune’s is known for its authentic way of making the poha 

Places to try : Amruteshwar Bhuwan (Erandwane), Indore Foods (Erandwane), Poha Shop (Gokhalenagar)

8. Paratha

Paratha has multiple layers and sometimes stuffed and shallow fried also. The slight peppery taste and vibrant colour of the paratha makes everyone crave for it.

Places to try : Chaitanya Paranthas (Multiple locations), Nandu’s Paranthas (Baner), Shahji Parantha House (Raviwarpeth and Deccan Gymkhana), House of Parathas (Shivajinagar)

 9. Bajri Vada

Bajri Methi Na Vada Recipe is a simple and delicious fritter made with Bajra or Pearl Millet and Whole Wheat flour. The addition of fenugreek leaves adds an additional dimension of flavors to the vada and a mixture of seeds pressed into the vada just before frying, gives it a delicious crunch.

Places to try : Shri Mahila Griha Udyog (Erandwane), Sukanta (Deccan Gymkhana), Khandani Rajdhani (Viman Nagar), Namo Thali (Shivane).

10. Egg rolls 

Egg rolls are made with thick, doughy wrappers made with wheat flour and eggs. They blister up and become pocketed with delightful, oil-filled bubbles when deep-fried, making them simultaneously crunchy and chewy.

Places to try : Flavors of Bengal (Wanowrie), Kolkata Rolls (Kharadi), Rolls Mania (Multiple locations), Roll Club (Ideal Colony)

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