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Books can be our best friends once you let them be! For those who think that books are too boring to read well, what can I say? You need to rethink because the kind of experience a book can give you is beyond limits! I used to think that reading a book is twice as hard and I thought why not just watch a movie, but sometime later when I got that one book of my interest I couldn’t stop myself from reading more and more. People these days stay up bingeing on that one last episode that doesn’t come until it’s almost dawn and for me it’s the last chapter. So I am back with some of the best picks of fiction and nonfiction books for you to read.



When it comes to Nora Ephron’s books, there are no words! She has done some amazing work by writing a hilarious novel about the breakdown of a perfect marriage. The story begins with Rachel Samstat, a cookbook author, and her husband Mark, who appear to have a perfect marriage until Rachel discovers that her husband is in love with another woman with swan-like beauty and gorgeous legs! Oh, but there’s a catch: Rachel is 7 months pregnant! That must be miserable, right? So the journey from wanting to win her husband back to wishing he was dead is a roller coaster of comedy with a side of misery. This is an absolute must-read for a rainy afternoon.


Who doesn’t love Potter and his friends taking action and saving the magical land? This is the final book in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and if you love Harry Potter, you should not miss it because things are about to get intense and magical. Before you read the book, you should know that Lord Voldermort murdered Harry’s parents when he was a baby and attempted to murder Harry as well, but was unsuccessful. This is due to Harry’s status as a half-blood prince. So the events in the final series of this book directly follow from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, where there is a final confrontation between the wizards Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort. There is adventure, magic, friendship, and love. What else does a perfect book require?


How long have you gone without reading a good thriller? Can’t recall much? The Maid by Nita Prose is the answer. The plot begins with a young girl named Molly and her grandmother. Because Molly is a one-of-a-kind girl who stands out from the crowd, and because she wasn’t great with social skills and frequently misread other people’s intentions, her grandmother laid out some simple rules she could follow. When Molly’s grandmother dies, she is 25 and dealing with the complexities of her life alone. She later realises that she was good at being a hotel maid and that she would do her job perfectly while doing it. Until she discovers that a famous businessman, Mr. Black, has died in his own bed! That became very serious. She was the police’s prime suspect before she knew it, and because she had some good friends, they were assisting her in finding clues to free her!

What do you think will happen? Will she be found not guilty? Will her friends be able to successfully prove her innocence? You’ll have to read the book to find out!



This is a fantastic deal for anyone who enjoys self-development books. This book is intriguing because of its concept, but it’s amazing to know what we can do if we tap into our subconscious mind. The plot of this book is that the author explains a theory to harness the power of your subconscious in such a way that you can bring about an amazing positive transformation in your life in any situation and how you can use this power for good in finances, health, manifestation, and much more. A must-read if you want to self-develop yourself!


This is an amazing book by Tim Ferriss in which he tells us all about how we are stuck in our lives doing the same thing every day and are afraid to leave our corporate jobs because we are stuck in the same loop. So he explains how to break free from corporate shackles, start a business, fund your dreams, and live like a millionaire without having to be one. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Who wouldn’t want that kind of life? So, if you like this idea, don’t wait any longer and get your book now.


Following the success of her previous book, Eat. Pray. Love. Elizabeth Gilbert has done an excellent job with this nonfiction book. This book is all about discovering your creative side. So, if you think you’re not creative enough, this book may make you reconsider! She has decided to divide this into three lessons, so basically you can let your creative juices flow freely despite your fears, how your ideas can work, and how you can ensure your creativity flows freely. So, if you want to awaken your creativity, this book is for you.

That’s it, folks. These are the best fiction and non-fiction books if you want to keep growing and developing. And just so you know, if you want to read a book, don’t try that hard. It will flow automatically if you read with an open mind, and once you do, you won’t stop. Let me know which of these you like the most and tell me in the comments. If you like this blog, check out the last two blogs for more recommendations. 

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