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Are you one of those watch fanatics who collects watches but doesn’t like spending too much on them or simply wants a new watch and would like to stay on a budget?

Watches are a timeless accessory. It doesn’t matter what outfit you wear if you have a good watch. It can always enhance your look, and well, who doesn’t like a watch to roll into good times? Am I right or am I right? 

1. Fastrack 

Fastrack has been my go-to brand for as long as I can remember. Fastrack is trendy, affordable, and has great quality. I have had its watches since I was a teenager, and I can tell you, from the watches I have had for a while, that its designs are timeless. It has stores everywhere around the country with a good variety of options and a growing online market. You can even find it online.

2. Pipa Bella 

If you’re the one who likes to go trendy and accessorise yourself, Pipa Bella is definitely one you should pick. Its usual design comes with a pair of watches and a bracelet and it is so chic! Whether it’s the colour or the shine, you can absolutely tell that it’s worth the price, and you can pair it with any kind of outfit.

3. Sonata 

When it comes to quality, TATA products (AKA parent company of Sonata) have never disappointed us, and if you want a quality product with a sober design and a great bargain, Sonata should definitely be the one you pick. Its watches go great when you wanna go sober or formal. Sonata is a perfect product with an equally perfect price

4. Chumbak

Are you a lover of prints on watches just like I am? Yes, you read it right.. If you have heard of Chumbak, you already know about their joyful taste that they bring to life with different colours and their funkiness. Its prints are eye-catching and with the price so affordable, we are bound to fall for it.

5. Joker & witch

Do you like to accessorise and carry a watch too but get puzzled as to coordinating the two? Look no further because Joker & Witch gets you a great deal on bracelet cum watches ‘cause these designs could uplift the look of any outfit.


Ladies, these are some of my favourite watches on a budget. I hope you like what you saw and are gonna rush to find the one best suited for you. Let us know in the comment section which one did you like the best.

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Anmol Mandhani

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