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Oh! The Monsoon’s here, the cold breeze, the greenery, no dust in the air, the colours of the skies  and well a lot of mess to move around in the city. As pretty as the monsoons are, they are  equally unpredictable and to be suddenly facing the change of weather can sabotage a lot of your plans in a moment.

No worries girls, we have got your back. 

As of today , I am going to give you some amazing must-haves in your handbags when you’re out and about, so you can keep slaying everyone with your presence. 

1. An Umbrella/ Raincoat. 

Yaa yaa, we all know that an umbrella/raincoat is a necessity in monsoon but even then we often leave them home cause we predicted the weather to be otherwise, simply because its space consuming and come back home as a mess. I hate it too, so here is something I found for myself, that is these amazing umbrellas/raincoats that are so compact to fit anywhere in your bag. They are small & lightweight to carry and with spokes so securely attached. 

Where to find : Amazon, Decathlon. 

2. Bags Rain cover. 

We have all heard of waterproof bags but to find these in your taste can be a task or you know what if it doesn’t go with your outfit, nobody wants that. Well I found a saviour for you in moments like this and that is waterproof covers for your bag, they are easy to carry, hardly takes up any space in your bag and can be sitting in the corner of your bags without disturbing your look. It comes in variations of shapes and sizes. Be it your backpack, laptop bag or any other bag. 

Where to find these: Amazon, Wildcraft, Flipkart.

3. Perfume  

You know how different weather has different effects on your body, and after spending a while under raincoats or waterproof boots, you’re bound to sweat and smell, but we never want to get used to smelling bad, because it’s the first thing that gets noticed wherever we go. So a simple life hack would be to get a handy perfume that fits into any bag, tote or sling. 

Some of my favourite perfumes are Plum Bodylovin’ Feelin So Rose Eau De Parfum, Nykaa mini pocket perfume and Skinn by Titan celeste perfume. 

Where to find : Nykaa

4. Boot freshener 

Don’t you hate it when you can evidently smell somebody’s shoe stinking, it absolutely throws a very bad impression but thanks to these small silicon gel packs that absorb access moisture and helps in keeping your boots as well as clothes dry and fresh when on the move. It’s as small as mouth freshener in your bag and you can find these in a good quantity in small packets. 

Where to find : at your nearest supermarket, Amazon

5. Tissues 

Even though you can find a tissue wherever you go, its still a smart choice to keep some in your handbags, tissues can fix most monsoon problems in a second. Although if you applied makeup never rub it all over your face with it, instead dab it on your face to leave that pretty makeup intact. 

Where to find:at your nearest store.

6. A compact. 

It’s hard to manage to carry the freshness of your face, no matter how many waterproof products you have applied to your face. A compact is a quick fix to your face, it would make your skin bright even on the most gloomy days. It is available in a wide variety of shades which usually comes with an inbuilt mini mirror, so you can make sure you have applied just the right amount. 

Where to find: at your nearest cosmetics store, Nykaa

7. Waterproof plastic ziplock 

Even though technology has advanced to the point where most phones are water resistant, we must remember that they are not waterproof and can cause damage to our phones if they are submerged in water  for an extended period of time. So keep a plastic ziplock for your electronics; you can even find ziplocks that are touch friendly with your phones.

Where to find:at your nearest store, Amazon.

8. Lipstick/ lip balm

While it may not appear to be a necessity, but lips are bound to become dry and chapped as the weather changes. Lipsticks can always be used to instantly improve your appearance, but lipstick on chapped looks disastrous so don’t forget to keep a lip balm when you’re keeping your lipstick. 

Where to find: at your nearest cosmetic store, Nykaa

9. Hair tie

With the amazing breeze comes the tangled hair, and while hairfall is a major issue during the monsoon, you don’t want to mess it up by keeping it flowing during the breeze because it will cause a lot of breakage. My advice is to always carry a scrunchie or other type of hair fastener with you to keep your hair glowing and flowing. 

Where to find: at your nearest store, Nykaa, Amazon.

So, These were some of the must-haves I think one should always carry in their handbags when out in the monsoon. Let me know in the comments section which one of these was the most helpful.

And to add a little bling to your monsoon look make sure to check out the blog attached. 

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