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Mornings are known for snoozing alarms every time they ring, tossing and turning around but still choosing to carry on with the disturbed sleep and having zero energy to get up and start the day.  Picking ourselves up from bed once we wake up is a hard nut to crack, and being energetic in the morning is yet another uphill climb. It is said that if we have a good night’s sleep, we wake up as fresh as a daisy. Umm… Is it just me or do people tend to wake up more tired when they sleep like a log all night? (knits eyebrows) — But morning fatigue is a thing, people! This article will help you drive away from the sloth in you, not with a cup of coffee, but in other efficient ways. 

Here are 7 ways to have more energy in the morning that will sustain you throughout the day.

1. You snooze, you lose

Are you a ‘5 more minutes please’ kind of person in the morning, hitting the snooze button over and over again? If so, let me tell you that the extra few minutes of sleep is only going to make you more tired. Snoozing and sleeping repeatedly also has a negative impact on your body, meddling with your blood pressure and heartbeat.

To avoid doing this, keep your alarm clock out of reach and wake up once it goes off. 

2. Sip, sip, hurray!

Do not have any other ideas of sip because we are talking about water! Intake of water (preferably warm) in the morning as soon as you wake up will lift the dehydration caused due to 7-8 hrs of sleep. Fatigue is one of the symptoms of dehydration, and drinking water will refresh your internal organs, thereby energising your entire body. 

3. Work it out

Another way to battle against morning fatigue is to stretch your muscles and do quick exercises. The workout does not have to be toilsome like you do in your gym sessions. Follow a simple routine effective enough to wake up your whole body to have a brisk day ahead. 

5 min “Wake up Happy” Morning Workout Routine 

4. Cold shower to the rescue

If none of the above-mentioned things work for you, this is your ultimate saviour. Your drowsy self cannot withstand the splash of cold water against your body. Cold showers stimulate both the mind and the body, keeping you fresh and full of energy throughout the day. 

5. Have a light breakfast 

Always go for a light yet healthy breakfast. I’m surely not against the fact that the first meal of the day boosts your energy levels. But dumping your stomach with way too much food is only going to make you feel more drowsy. If you are puzzled about what to whip up for a healthy breakfast, check out this article for protein-packed bowl recipes: https://blog.pankhuri.co/2022/05/26/5-simple-protein-packed-bowl-recipes/baking-baking/quick-recipes/

6. Bid farewell to your usual morning ritual

Our mornings mostly start with a hot cup of tea or coffee. I know it’s a tough choice, but these beverages have stimulants in them that are not ideal to consume in the morning. After consumption, it might seem as if our energy levels are heightened, but the hard truth is that, with passing time, it lowers them down, bringing back the sluggishness to track. 

7. Fix your sleep schedule

Your sleep schedule plays a major role in how you function throughout the day. If your body clock is running right on time, your energy levels will be distributed properly throughout the day. If that’s not the case, your lazybones will be up for duty and you will start slacking off. 

Mornings can be daunting, especially if your vim and vigour level are at scale 0. But you must realise that it is your actions that have an effect on your state of energy. Any small changes that you make will deliver massive results, and starting off with these tips can help you sail through any rough day. So wake up, sunshine! Let’s get the day started the right way. 

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