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The monsoon season is an arch-enemy of skincare and haircare enthusiasts, and the next ones to join the list would be makeup junkies. Downpours tamper with the perfectly done makeup, smudging the winged liner, making the base patchy, smearing the lipstick and completely messing up the look. Meanwhile, the humidity in the atmosphere also plays its part in making your skin dry, thereby causing the makeup to clump. You cannot control the unpleasant weather, but you can be in charge of your makeup. Therefore, your best bet would be to step out with light makeup to look your best! 

Waterproofing your makeup does not require a separate range of cosmetic products. All you need to do is make small changes in the way you apply makeup so that it doesn’t get washed off and ruin your look.

Listed below are some tips and tricks to rainproof your makeup this monsoon season.

1. Skin prep

Jumping straight into the methods of applying waterproof makeup, ignoring the prior prep that needs to be done, is a big NO! Monsoon rains require a separate skin-pampering sesh and here’s a guide on how to level up your skincare game to get your makeup on fleek! 

2. Primer is the prime factor

The Primer serves as a canvas and smoothens the surface of your face to seal in the base products. But did you know that it also keeps the makeup from wearing off? It is because primer holds back the sweat being released from the pores and acts as a natural barrier. An added benefit is that it feels lighter on the skin and does not feel like an extra layer of makeup. 

Pro Tip: Applying primer on lashes, brows, and lips keeps your mascara, eyebrow liner, and lipstick on point without any smudge-bugdes! 

3. Team Cream!

For the makeup to last long, opt for cream products instead of powdered ones. It is one of the best choices for light makeup, as a coin-sized amount of the product is enough for the entire face because of its high pigmentation levels. On the other hand, powdered products dehydrate the skin (humidity already makes the skin dry) and do not sit on the skin as much as cream products do. 

4. Sponge blender for the win!

Blending all the makeup products using a sponge blender will do the ultimate trick. It pulls off a dewy look by cloaking the dehydrated skin, which we all know is caused by the moisture content in the air. Dabbing every product with the blender will deliver a natural finish and will not make the face all cakey as opposed to makeup brushes.

5. Seal the (makeup) deal

The last and most important thing needed to lock in your makeup during this rainy season is a setting spray. All the above steps will be efficient only if this step is followed religiously. A longer lifespan of makeup will need a few pumps of setting spray to set the makeup on point and to add an extra dose of hydration. 

Trying to create a rain proof makeup look from products that aren’t actually waterproof can be a bit of a task. But these tips will lay the stepping stones for your regular makeup to last a long time, even in this daunting weather. Stock up on these essentials and have a happy-go-lucky day, too, with flawless makeup. Happy drenching!

If you are wondering how to take care of your hair during this season, check out the blog attached below:

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