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Getting creative with your fingernails and adding exotic patterns, colours, and embellishments is all fun and games until the reality of acrylics kicks in. Improper application and removal of acrylic nails can inflict damage to both your nail bed and nail plate. And how many of us actually follow the procedure and go get the gaps filled every two weeks? – Once the sealed nails start losing their firmness, the gap keeps getting bigger with time until the nail gets infected (beware of nail fungus!). Even after removal (or when you peel it off on your own, which is not advisable), your nail health may not be in the best state. 

Here are some basic steps to be undertaken to rejuvenate your nail health after removing acrylics.

1. Clip your nails

Once you’ve removed your acrylics, let your nails take a breather. Give it some time to bounce back to its natural, healthy state. For this, trimming your nails short to get rid of the weak part and to let it start afresh is the best thing you can do. If you cannot go long without dropping in to your nail salon, at least give it ten days before you get the next set of extensions. 

2. Home remedies

Since your nail plate gets scraped off to remove the extensions, the process can dry out your nails. But you can cut back on visits to the salon and rely on home remedies to restore the balance. For something at the ready, olive oil can be used to build up hydration levels and mend the brittle ends. Cuticle oil and hand lotion can also come to the rescue and enhance the condition of your nails. 

3. Avoid filing

Refrain from shaping your nails and let them grow in their natural way. You don’t wanna add to your nail and cuticle damage by filing your nails because it stirs up more stress. Improper filing can also cause breakage and splitting of nails. 

Your at-home manicure can wait for some time until your nails grow back to their glory.

4. Healthy eating = Healthy nails

Yes, you heard me right. Your intake has a lot to do with your nail growth and health. Consuming omega-3-rich foods and adding biotin to your diet does its job of strengthening your nails. Supplements are not absolutely necessary, but here’s a list of foods you can consume that are great for restoring nail health: https://www.insider.com/foods-that-are-good-for-your-nails-2018-4

5. Patience is the key 

Hold your horses before you want to make your nails look good again. It takes some time to revert to its normal condition from all the repair work that has been done by the acrylic extensions. Therefore, do not rush to your next session—keep your nails hydrated, use regular nail polish for the time being, and wait it out till you can get your nails on fleek again. 

Maintaining your fingernails is as important as anything else, so do not go easy on them. Follow a proper nail care routine and pamper it up. For the (nail) art to turn out well, the canvas must be of high quality. So follow the above-mentioned steps and improve your nail health before your next visit to the salon.  

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