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Our kids are like a lump of clay, we can mould them into anything, beautiful or pitiful. We are the craftsman here. 

Not even in the nightmare, we want our kids to be any less than a masterpiece. How much attention are we giving to nurturing some rewarding habits in our kids apart from giving them proper food and sending them to school? 

You need to do more!

This is the time you teach them right from wrong, virtue, decency, integrity, good manners, and accept and embrace the world around them. Do not wait for them to grow old, you should kickstart helping your kids cultivate some enriching habits they will absolutely thank you for, at a later juncture.

Here are 4 such habits you should never fail to teach your kids from an early:


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I would say, nurturing a habit of a clean lifestyle that values clean eating, personal hygiene, and cleanliness is the wisest investment you can make for your kids. 

  • Tell them the importance of washing their hands frequently, brushing and bathing twice a day, sanitising, etc. 
  • You can even sight the example of covid and other diseases that may catch them if they don’t follow these practices.
  • If they are a little grown up teach them how to eat without withering food, put their dishes in the sink or clean them, tidy up their room, desk and school bag etc.
  • Tell them, how to use napkins, not to wipe their hands in clothes, not to pick their noses. Don’t just judge them and order them, you just have to tell them the consequences of doing so.


Do I really need to explain how vital it is to nurture reading habits? 

  • Reading is the easiest and most effective way to know the mesmerising world around them. 
  • Encourage them when they ask questions, let them be curious, and try to help them quench their knowledge thirst by handing over a book or by telling stories.
  • First, know your kid’s interests and needs, then do research on bestselling kids’ books. Try helping them by reading it for them and slowly telling them to read it on their own. 
  • You can ask them to tell the crux of the stories or books they read. That way they will grow some affection towards reading.
  • You can even try building a small library with them to increase their interest in reading.

Speak out


Yes! Speaking on time and communicating effectively comes easily out of habit only. We live in a world of chaos, and as good parents, we can only do one thing, that is to make them speak up and not restrict them or house arrest them always because the world is too bad for them.

  • Making this part of a routine early on will make things much easier as they get older.
  • Teach them how to say ‘NO’, how to ask for help when needed, how to express themselves, how to talk to elders etc. 
  • We see a lot of kids fumbling around and being so shy or petrified to speak their hearts out. If you want your kids to reach high, communication and being bold matters.
  • Teach them to share their sadness, happiness, things they have done in a day, things that are bothering them, and things that makes them nervous, sit with them and help them solve them. 


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Is kindness a habit? I will explain. Did you ever judge a person for being rude and compliant about their upbringing? There you go. Kindness and attitude also come out of habit. 

  • This I would say is the most important habit you should nurture in your child. 
  • Teach them the value of kindness and how to be nice to animals, fellow human beings and plants.
  • You can even try engaging them with pets, and they will learn kindness and the value of selfless love on their own
  • Teach your children to behave better with men of any colour, gender, sex or financial status. 
  • Teach them values like sharing food, talking nicely and being considerate.
  • Although your kids may or may not understand gender equality and political correctness, try to show them and nurture in them such behaviours.
  • Teach them to accept their own flaws and also others. 
  • Teach them nothing and no one is perfect in this world. So be gentle with yourself as well as with the people around them.

Having said all of these, you should never be a strict parent who ties their hands to yours always. Let them enjoy childhood with all of its tantrums, madness and innocents. You just need to give a gentle push, correct their mistakes, tell them stories, guide them and not be a master. 

So, it’s cardinal you don’t choke them with your orders and perceptions, let them live to their fullest and create their own perceptions and lifestyle from what you show them and communicate with them.

Let’s not only teach our kids to be good but first, be good parents.

Cheers to better parenthood guys!


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