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           Hey! Hey! It is the wedding season. And many of us are getting excited for the intimate or grand wedding that is approaching, and as the bride’s sister or friends, throwing a bachelorette party is a must because it is the biggest send off to your most close and loved one into their wedding lives. But, given that everyone does it, don’t you think this party should be kept a secret? How about you blow your bride’s mind by giving her the impression that you don’t care and instead throw a memorable bachelorette bash to send her off? Sounds sly, doesn’t it?

Well, I’ve got you covered. Here are 4 ideas for you to host a perfect yet unforgettable bachelorette party for the bride to be!

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This is one of the perfect gifts you can give to a bride because she won’t be able to spend time with her best friends after the wedding. A slumber party with just the girls will make her feel special. Have some fun and play some wild games while reliving your memories from your journey together.

Pro tip: nothing greater than a never have I ever drinking game with a poolside bikini party combo!

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If you want to do something fancy, funky and elegant this is the best option for you, knowing the bride, choose a theme you know she will love and arrange costumes accordingly to click a cluster of good pictures and create an album or a time capsule to gift it for her wedding will make her feel very special.

Pro tip: along with all the other party scenes spice it up with a spin the bottle game.

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I know what you all are thinking, but it’s not that! This is not all about you hiding presents in a different room, it’s about setting the routine of all the activities your bride loves to do. Set up a set of gorgeous invites and leave her a first note saying “Time for your bachelorette, we’ve arranged a treasure hunt for you and all you have to do is guess them and be at the right place at the right time. We’re awaiting your presence.” – Love team bride. And then in each clue set up places for her like her favourite spa, adventurous sport, gaming, pub, etc. And give her the best day of her life.

Pro tip: get a guest list she will be comfortable with and bring her a notorious cake with beautiful decoration in her room.

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4. A TRIP:

There is nothing more perfect than a weekend getaway planned away from all the wedding preparations which is will make your bride go crazy, so plan a good trip under your budget which is just 4-5 hours away where you can just chill, enjoy the scenery and go through the bonfire with good food and music to enjoy with her girls. This will soothe her mind and everyone will have a great time

Pro Tip: Organise quizzes about her fiance, plan a game night to crank it up a notch.


There you have it folks! Try out these ideas and let us know what works out for you, make your best friend or your sister feel overwhelmed and extra special before you send her off! Have fun and feel free to let us know if we’ve missed something.

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