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Everyone has bad work weeks. Things didn’t go your way, you were stressed out, and perhaps your boss yelled at you. Whatever the situation, everyone must learn how to bring their body and mind back into balance before the next week begins. Going into the next week feeling refreshed and revitalised may be all you need to make a good impression and improve your abilities.

Simple things like increasing physical activity, improving sleep, changing your diet, and avoiding unhealthy coping mechanisms can help you recharge and prepare for the upcoming week.

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If you’re stressed out after a long week at work, try a few of these tips to help improve your situation and make your next week at work better.

1. Disconnect

Both your body and mind will be exhausted at the end of a demanding week. As a result, it is critical to concentrate on both the physical and mental aspects. Unplugging is a great place to start when it comes to healing. Turn off televisions and computers, silence your phone and email, and take a few deep breaths to distance yourself from any work or social obligations. Turn off all unnecessary or excessive noise, such as radios, ringtones, music, and news. All of these are distractions and noises that fill our days and clog our minds. Even a few moments of silence after a long week can make a significant difference.

This is an excellent time to go for a walk, practise yoga, read a book, or simply lie down. Light physical activity, a hot bath or shower, and changing into comfortable clothes can all aid in relaxation and unwinding. All of these things enable you to take a step back and clear your mind, gather your thoughts, and gain clarity. 

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2. Binge watch

I, for one, do not disconnect from OTT platforms. But I know a lot of people who do, so I thought it was important to include it in my blog. I might disconnect for an hour, but my favourite form of relaxation is binge-watching shows while sipping tea and munching on butter/cheese popcorn in my PJs. Start a TV show or watch a movie sequel to take your mind off the stressful week you’ve had.


3. Spa Day

Spa day at The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore is my personal favourite. They have spa rooms for rent by the hour, that consists of a jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room. You can swim and get massages. You could spend the entire day doing this. First, I’d go for a swim, then enter the jacuzzi, then rub essential oil on my body and enter the sauna, and finally, I’d go for a massage while sipping mimosas. I’ll finish with a hot shower and pick up a dessert from Ganache on the hotel’s ground floor before heading home.

However, not everyone has a spa in their hometown; for those who don’t, you have the option of having a spa at home.

Nothing beats a relaxing and calming spa session to soothe your mind and restore balance to your body. Create a spa-like environment in your home with aromatic candles, bath salts, essential oils, and body massage oils, and lavish your body and mind with the attention they deserve.

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4. Hobbies

When the work week is done, you have earned the right to do something you enjoy. Weekends are a great time to get out and about and do something you enjoy, whether it’s hiking, swimming, reading, painting, travelling or whatever it is you enjoy doing. It should be noted that if you are finding it difficult to enjoy an activity that you once enjoyed, this could indicate that you are depressed. If this is the case, it is best to seek professional assistance to determine the next steps.


It is difficult to find time to recover when your weekend is as packed as a workday. Stop looking at your watch and rushing from one task to the next. Take some time for yourself and, as they say, “go with the flow.” Getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and going for a leisurely walk in the park or countryside is an excellent way to reduce stress and boost recovery.

Finding peaceful and restorative moments throughout the day can help with recovery, improving alertness, performance, motivation, and mood.

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