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Do you have an uncontrollable lipstick addiction?  A girl can never have enough lipsticks, can she. A lip colour adds personality and defines the features oh-so-well! Go ahead and get ready to flaunt that fabulous pout, ladies. Do you only see the world through the lenses of matte, crème, and gloss? Have you gone into debt to buy every new must-have item on the market? Take this as your pout-ervention.  We’ve rounded up the best budget lipstick buys for every taste, so you never have to pay a fortune for the perfect pout again. 

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Check out our favourites under Rs. 500 and kiss us later!


Swiss beauty presents HD Matte Lipstick that has a highly pigmented formula. It has 24 shades. It delivers maximum colour payoff with sheer comfort all day long. It glides on smoothly and lets you experience the same plush throughout. It also offers you a precise application for a perfectly contoured pout and gives a flawless coverage. 

Price: Rs. 299

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Pull your look together wth a pop of colour that is both chic and playful. Miss Claire Matte Lip Cream has a lightweight formula and is richly pigmented. It has a soft creamy and velvety finish. It is a one-of-its-kind lipstick cream that glides on effortlessly and gives your pout a subtly sophisticated, soft matte finish. It consists of 58 shades in total.  

Price: Rs.225

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Lakme Cushion Matte Lipstick

Lakme cushion matte is an intense matte with a cushion soft feel and smooth matte finish. It’s infused with rose oil extracts from France. Its soft matte formula gives you unrivalled moisture and cushion soft lips. Feels the cushion matte colour on your lips in a smooth stroke. For a uniform finish strat from your Cupid’s bow and end the application at the outer edges of your upper and lower lips. Available in 20 shades.

Price: Rs. 275

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Incolour Jewel Queen Lipstick

Incolor’s Jewel Queen Lipstick is rich and nourishing lipstick packed with a creamy texture that glides on smoothly, is super long wearing and easy to to apply. The lipstick glides on easily to deliver an instant pop of colour. It is specially formulated to provide your lips with a glossy finish and a moisturizing rich coverage for ultra-pigmented lips. It’s available in 26 shades.

Price: Rs. 499

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Faces Canada Weightless Creme Lipstick

#BeautifulBegins With You

Shine bright like a diamond and flaunt an irresistible glossy pout with Faces Canada Weightless Creme Lipstick. Enriched with shea butter, jojoba and almond oil, experience long-lasting sheen on soft, moisturised lips. It is infused with vitamin E,

intense colour, nourishing power as well as rich pigments that shall make you fall in love with them. Available in 7 trendy shades, specially designed to complement Indian skin tones. 

Price: Rs. 249


Girls, now that you have a wide range of lipsticks to pick from, know how to apply lipstick and rock it with your dazzling look. You can kiss me already. Let me know if you enjoyed reading the article while I think of new topics to enlighten my readers. 

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