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Do you believe that a party would be incomplete without games? If so, hello! I agree with you because nothing beats having good food, music, and possibly some drinks to spice up a party where everyone can enjoy themselves. Because there may be a large number of people who would prefer to have more fun than dance, and games will not only be a great ice breaker with the crowd but will also ensure that your party is memorable! So, here are 5 card games that will make your next party 10 times more fun!


This is a high-strategy game based on kitty-power Russian roulette. As a result, this game begins very simply. You keep drawing kitten cards and playing your turn, but your turn will come to an end when you draw an Exploding Kitten Card. Oops! If you have this, you may be out of the game unless you have a diffuse card. You can be saved if you have a diffuse card; it’s like giving a kitten belly rubs. If you are saved, the Exploding Kitten card is returned to the pile until someone else or you obtain it. The game ends when there are only two players left, and one of them has the exploding card but no diffuse. Interesting, right?

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Codenames is a straightforward party game. In this game, there are two teams: Red and Blue. Each team races to see who can contact all of their agents first. So basically, how you play taboo is to have your team members guess the names of the agents, some of which are super easy and some of which are equally difficult. Just make sure you know your team members well enough to make them guess, so while your teammates are trying to guess the agents of the right colour you must also ensure that you don’t give them a clue which will make them guess the agents of the other team. And finally one more thing to remember, always avoid the assassin. Damn! That took it to a whole new level. If you enjoy it, don’t put it off.



This is a super fun card game. Whether there is a party or not, this card game will undoubtedly make it one. This is my personal favourite, and the goal is to finish your deck or cards while keeping your cards upside down. So, on their turn, each player will flip a card and say Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza in that order, and if anywhere on the card matches the word you said, everyone will race to slap their hands on that card, and the topmost one will get the pile. But there’s a twist: there are three special characters in this game who will appear as you say these words and unravel the cards.

Gorilla, Narwhal, and Groundhog are the three characters. When you’re unravelling the cards and one of the special characters appears, say a gorilla, you must thump your chest twice and slap on the deck; or if you get Groundhog, you must knock on the floor twice and slap on the deck; and for Narwhal, you must slap your hands in the air and slap on the deck. When you finish your pile, you win. Isn’t it too good?

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This is a great social card game that will test your brain with tricky colour combinations and swear words. Players take turns flipping over a card and shouting out what they see. So when you put a card down, it depends on what you say, whether it’s the background colour, the written text, or a swear word, and the game continues until someone makes a mistake and has to pick up all the cards. A special rule is that you cannot use swear words!! So if you finish all of the cards first, you win. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

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One of the most popular party games of all time is Spot it. It adds some spice to your game because it’s a race between you, the other players, and the TIMER!!! Your job in this is to find one thing that matches between the cards. The twist is that there is only one thing that will match between those two cards, and the combination is so tricky that you may not be able to find it even if it is right there. Now there are two things in this; there are fire and ice objects, so all the red things in the cards are fire, so when you spot two of the same, shout out the word “fire” and change the time to a 10 second clock, you can dump out your pile, but the trick is that any other player who finds ice can freeze you, so you have to be very fast. When they freeze you, the timer restarts. The person who finishes their pile first wins!

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That’s it, folks! Those are the best 5 card games to spice up your party! So, the next time you have the opportunity to throw or attend a party, be the person who adds more spice to it. Let me know which of the games you prefer in the comments section below.

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