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When we are home, we always diss home-cooked food, and our moms go on saying, “You’re gonna miss it one day.” Well, that’s exactly where I am today: at the ultimate stage of regret. Being away from home, I always crave home-cooked meals and trust me when I say no happy meal or burger meal can come to your rescue (this is my mom’s “I told you so” moment). As I cannot go home as much, I started setting up my kitchen and decided to fulfil my tummy’s desires. But how can a person living on a student budget afford all those fancy kitchen appliances? That’s when these alternatives come as a blessing in disguise.

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Y’all can use these kitchen appliances if you do not want to pinch your pockets for expensive ones.

1. Electric chopper

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One of the main activities in a kitchen is prepping the ingredients, be it chopping, mincing, or grinding. In the current century, with technology at its peak, the word “manual” has lost its meaning. With the introduction of a food processor, a 30 minute prep time for a recipe gets done in 10 minutes tops. But I promised to introduce you to the cheap alternatives, and the best bet instead of a food processor is an electric chopper. Although a food processor is multifunctional and has different blade sets performing various functions, an electric chopper does half the job it does in a snap. But hey, the food processor costs around 10K and an electric chopper is just 500 RS, so no fussin’!

2. Hand mixer

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Alert call for all the bakers out there! Does the price tag on a stand mixer leave you open-mouthed? Issok, why do you worry when you’ve got a hand mixer for 1/4th of its price? 

Invest in a good hand mixer and get your baking job done in a jiffy. An added advantage is that it is portable, easy to clean and works in almost every type of bowl other than the stand mixer itself. So go on, bake and spread love as you do with whipping cream. 

3. Sandwich maker 

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For everyone who keeps snoozing their alarms like me, hardly has time to get ready for work and completely forgets the existence of one of the most essential things your body demands called breakfast, this is for you (phew, too long of a description for breakfast, but I had to stress its importance). Whipping up something as simple as a sandwich will do the needful. For all those who prefer their sandwiches grilled, with the cheese melted to perfection and a light crispy crunch of veggies, don’t dream of an oven but get a sandwich maker, period. 

4. Outdoor Charcoal grill


Inviting friends over for beer and barbecue? Too broke to buy an OTG that costs an arm and a leg? Relax, I got you. Swipe your card on this outdoor charcoal grill (actually, a 500 rs note will do), set up a seating arrangement on the moonlit terrace, open your bottles, place the marinated chicken and veggies on the charcoal grill, ask a friend to bring their guitar, sing your worries away and fill your tummy with the freshly grilled chicken (God! I’m sending out an invite right now!).

5. Bullet blender 

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Beat up some refreshing drinks and velvety smoothies, not with an extravagant juicer but with a bullet-cut-price blender. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen as a juicer and is also easy to use and clean effortlessly. You can also be creative(not much needed though) and use it for making snack dips, soups, sauces and grind spices even. Now, who needs a juicer? Hmph. 

Now that I’ve laid out the alternatives, get your hands on ’em, level up your kitchen at a low cost, make your own meals (adulting 101) with no sweat, and stop crying over home-cooked food because now you have a home and a chic kitchen. So if you do the deeds, you can lick the plate clean like in the good ol’ days(I’m booking my ticket, rn. Imma go cry, buh-bye) 

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