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The countdown has begun!

Yet another year is around the corner! And with this comes another year to correct bad decisions and a chance to implement the lessons we learned from last year. Although any new day is a chance to make wise or not-so-good decisions, a new year comes with fresh energy and ambitions you never felt before. 

What is that one thing you sucked at the most last year? What was that nightmare that haunted you?

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Of course finance! Money! 

So this year, let’s fix our wallets! I mean let’s make ambitious and wise financial decisions this year thus you escape bankruptcy. No, I am not scaring you! We all need to think about our financial future painstakingly this year.

I know! We all are bad at budgeting, money management and making financial plans. Don’t worry, here are 5  clever financial decisions you should take this year:

Plan it beforehand

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I can’t stress this enough! If you haven’t tasted this yet, it’s high time you should taste this age-old wine. With the right and thoughtful financial planning comes the awaited liberation. Here are a few plans:

  • Make monthly plans, that include the list of recurring expenses like monthly bills, EMIs etc and also investment plans
  • Make realistic short-term and long-term financial plans. 
  • Make at least 5 financial goals for this year (Eg: finishing the home loan, payback the debts, buying a house, investing in the stock market etc.)
  • Try to achieve at least 70% of your plans 
  • List out all the unnecessary expenses you did last year and make a wise plan to cut those expenses this year

Pay on time and pay back debts

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Getting rid of all the debts and EMIs is our eternal daydream. With proper planning and management, you can fulfil this dream this year. Paying on time and paying back debts should be your prime goal this year, as financial freedom comes only at the end of this only. Check these strategies:

  • Allocate your income to every category wisely and do not forget to set aside some amount to pay back your debts.
  • Make a list of all the debts and payback commitments you have this year
  • For each of them, set a rough time period when you can finish/reduce the burden.
  • It’s grave to pay on time also.
  • Like your monthly bills, EMIs, Subscriptions etc mark the last date and pay on time.
  • Do not shy away from setting reminders.

Wise use of credit cards


While a credit card is a crucial financial tool for all of us, it can be a tragedy if you didn’t get the game right. 

  • Pay credit card bills on time and avoid exorbitant interest and charges.
  • Use a credit card only as much as you can pay back
  • Use cashback points, vouchers and miles on time 
  • If you have more than one credit card, you should have a regime otherwise it will end up in not so good
  • Learn how to earn from credit card and use it accordingly

Save a little

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Why on earth did you take saving money so lightly? I mean you don’t have to save all the money for your old age and live a boring life now. No! 

  • You have to first nurture a habit of saving. 
  • Albeit you are allowed to spend for your leisure and expenses, saving a little for bad days and investing is always a badass idea
  • Cut on unnecessary expenses like dining out, gambling, gaming, too much alcohol, partying etc. 
  • Wait for ‘sale’ or seasonal discounts to buy casual things.
  • Save some money for emergencies
  • You can set a saving goal for this year since it can give you a goal and needed motivation.

Invest invest invest

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But! If you are only saving money, it’s a waste of time. Why do you need money if you can’t use it? Invest it. This is the most important and neglected financial decision you should make not this year but every year.

  • After taking care of all your immediate needs, if you are left with some amount of money or you managed to save some, don’t splurge it on luxuries, but invest in a wise plan.
  • Prudent investments help secure your life financially by achieving the desired financial independence.
  • Do consider; Insurance plans, Mutual funds, Fixed deposits, Public Provident Funds (PPF) and small savings accounts
  • Even Real estate, the Stock market, Derivatives and foreign exchange are places you can try your hands at if you accumulate enough knowledge and experience.
  • Various investment avenues offer tax benefits also
  • If possible plan a SIP (systematic investment plan)

That’s it! These are just a few plans we have got for you! 

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We all are ecstatic to dress up for the new year, although frankly speaking its yet another day!

So use this unusual and fresh energy and motivation that a new year brings. Leverage the new chance to plan your financial future and ensure your ticket to financial freedom.

Have a blast on new year’s eve and comment below on what are those financial decisions you are planning to make this year.


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