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Baby showers are orchestrated to show love towards the lil bun in the oven and predominantly to shower the mom-to-be with giftssss! (I mean ofc, it’s for the baby, but still, yayy). To upgrade the baby shower game, throwing a shower associated with cool themes will make it more interesting. If you are a clueless host, throwing a shower for your cousin, sibling, or best friend, we have dished out a few options for you to consider. Proclaiming to the world that you’re gonna be the fun aunt will not cut it – you gotta come up with fun ideas to prove your case. 

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Here are 5 creative baby shower themes and decor ideas to throw a killer party! 

1.Mama to bee

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Even before the baby pops out, it steals all the limelight. So if you wanna draw a bit of focus on the one who’s actually taxing herself by carrying the baby, you can make use of the Mama-to-bee theme. That way, the mama bee gets a lil attention (just with the choice of the theme, but hey, something’s better than nothing) alongside the usual traditions. Hence, it’s a win-win. You can get creative with the decor and a blend of yellow, black and white colours can never go wrong. Make the shower as sweet as it can be with honey bee macarons, honeycomb waffles, bumblebee-themed cakes and cupcakes. Your party favours can include handmade honey soap, a honey jar, beeswax lip balm, and anything bee-related 😉

2. Mermaid theme

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If the expecting parents’ gender reveal party is done and they prefer a shower exclusively for their baby girl, a mermaid theme will come in handy. Even though we are revisiting the idea of pink for girls and blue for boys, if you still like a burst of pink in your decor, it is of no issue. ( only the association of colours with gender is a matter of contest). I’ll give you a quick tip for the decor- add a mermaid tail to anything and everything in the party and a touch of sparkle then and there, and there you have it! 

3. Rainbow theme

If you wanna host a gender-neutral shower but still add a pop of colour, you can make use of the Rainbow theme. A balloon arch with multiple colours weaved together like that of a rainbow can be used as a backdrop. But do not go overboard with the colours on tablecloths and carpets and make your decor all flashy – go for neutrals to create a balance. A rainbow cake, a colourful veg platter for a quick bite, rainbow-hued pretzels, rainbow punch and the like can be some of the colourful additions to your shower. 

4. Ready to pop

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Yet another gender neutral theme is ‘Ready to Pop’. Make a balloon garland with a ready to top banner and the decor can make use of almost everything that pops – the ultimate item being popcorn. Other party additions can include cake pops, soda pop bars, pop tarts, and the like. Also, do not forget the party poppers! 

5. Noah’s Ark theme

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This theme is popularly used for parents who are expecting not one but two – twins! (owing to the paired animals in the ark). An oceanic blue setting, ark toys, animal shaped balloons, cupcakes and cookies in animal designs, etc, will add a little oomph to your decor.
Also, brace yourselves – Double the giggles, double the trouble.

Make use of these themes, decor ideas, and planning details and welcome the bundle of joy into your lives to fill our hearts with joy! 

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