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Just because summer is approaching doesn’t mean you have to put your scarves at the back of your closet. Even though you might think it’s too hot to wear them, scarves are one of the chicest and most versatile pieces of summer accessories. Need proof? Influencers and celebrities alike have been spotted wearing them in a variety of creative ways, including headscarves, tops, and everything in between.

Of course, it’s important to remember that scarves made of chunky knits or heavy fabrics should be avoided in warmer weather. In the summer, a lightweight extra is ideal. Choose one that is soft against the skin and made of natural fibres such as cotton, rayon, or linen.

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We’ve compiled a specially curated guide to help you figure out how to incorporate a scarf into your summer looks. Once you have your summer scarves in order, maximise their potential by trying the following: 


Scarves are ideal for use as a beach or poolside cover-up. Wrap two ends of a scarf around your waist and Viola! You’ve got a beach cover-up. Once you’ve exited the pool or beach, it can be worn under a swimsuit. Using a colourful and printed scarf would be the perfect option for the ambience. 

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Scarf for your bag 

There are numerous ways to wear a scarf on your body, but have you ever considered adding a splash of colour to your handbag? If you do this, make sure the scarf is light in weight and not too large, so it doesn’t add weight to your handbag. You also want it to complement some aspect of your outfit.


Head scarf/Hair Tie

 There are a plethora of celebrities, not just in India, who enjoy wearing scarves as a headscarf. There are a million different looks you can achieve with a scarf, ranging from retro to boho, and many styles either keep your hair out of your face or add a little perk to your bangs. Although figuring out a good wrap on your own can be frustrating, one easy way to figure it out is to keep an eye out for headscarf styles designed by celebrities themselves.

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Scarf as belt 

Did you know that you can also use a scarf as a belt? It’s another neat way to jazz up a simple look, just like shown in the image below. You can even mix up prints to kick it up a notch (i.e. printed scarf on printed dress) 

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This looks great with a lightweight scarf from your closet. Wearing a button-down shirt. Make a bow with it and place it under the collar. Even with a sheer scarf, it looks classy for a semi-formal look. Ideal for workwear, college wear and airport look. 

The Classic Bow 

It’ll turn out to be a headturner. In addition, your simple top will be given the oomph it requires.

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I hope this scarf guide has enlightened you on the various types of scarves available, the various ways you can wear a scarf, and scarf outfits that are simple to put together. After reading this post, I’m guessing you’ll be heading to the store to add to your scarf collection.

Bookmark this post and return to it when you need some inspiration! Share this post with a scarf lover or someone looking for new ways to wear a scarf. Until my next post, Stay Stylish, my lovely readers.



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  • Anas
    March 25, 2022

    Loved the Sarong look.
    Looking forward to your upcoming blogs

  • Mansi Gemawat
    March 31, 2022

    Loved the Blog so much, makes me want to start wearing a scarf too.

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