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Once you’re done throwing an extravagant party with killer vibes, yummilicious food, and upbeat music, you still have one more thing to do before you wipe the sweat off your brow – GIFTS AND GIFT BASKETS!! Party favours act as a token of gratitude and are also a reminder to cherish the time spent together. The goodies you send out must hold the ultimate essence of the party. Although there are now professionals who put together customised gift baskets, handpicking gifts by yourselves and making up your own baskets will show your involvement as a host and is also cost-effective. 

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 Coming up with different gift basket ideas can be a tough task, but here are some DIY gift basket ideas to bring happiness to loved ones. 

1. Dinner party

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Hosting a dinner party comes with the right dining atmosphere, the finest choice of menu and fancy drinks, chit-chatting with every bite, and, of course, a gift bag. Put together a box of mini muffins, a couple of flavoured dips for snacks, coasters, a cutlery set, any homemade sauce of your choice (pasta sauce, pizza sauce, etc) to add a personal touch, and a note expressing your gratitude for their presence.

2. Bridal shower 

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If the bride-to-be wishes to deliver a token of appreciation for planning and executing the event in a striking manner, a customised gift bag going with the theme of the shower would be the top choice. You can make the basket a bit girly by adding matching robes for your bridesmaids to wear the night before; sheet masks, scrunchies, nice scented perfume, a cosmetic set of your choice, a few accessories, and a sticky note thanking them for pulling off a great shower.

3. Slumber party

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Pillow fights and feathers overdosin? Sheets all over the floor? Having a fun night with Britney’s song at your slumber party? While you did everything right to keep the night alive but were still puzzled about what to include in your gift basket, I got you. It can be a bit tricky to make a distinctive party favour. Put together a set of nightdresses, an eye mask, a personalised pillow case, and a mini spa kit in your sleepover goodie basket. 

4. Game night 

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Family game nights are always special, and it is rightly said that the best memories are made gathered around the table. To keep this event a long-lasting memory, the gift items you choose play a major role. Pick out goodies that are synonymous with the happenings of the night. Outdo your gift basket with board games, 2-3 cans of chips, poker chips, tons of candy, arcade coupons, and a family polaroid for a personal touch. 

5. Tea party 

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Tea parties are all about gossip and the epic spread – sandwiches, tea treats, scones, and pastries(drools). To wrap up your tea party with the best party returns, here are some things you can include in your gift basket – tea bags, cupcake mix, chocolate bars, tea infuser, scented tealight candles, and chocolate bars. 

Your job doesn’t end with picking out goodies according to each party. Organising them in the basket in an eye-catchy manner is also equally important. So get your wrapping papers and ribbons ready and spread goodness with goodies. 

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