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“Give a girl the right kind of jeans she is ready to conquer the world”

Your fashion game can’t be turned on if you don’t have some good pairs of jeans in your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you are on the traditional side or the western side of dressing up, jeans are one must-have pair of clothing that every girl need.

From mom jeans, high waisted jeans to boyfriend jeans, jeans have almost monopolised the fashion industry in no time. I can’t think of a day out without having worn my jeans. Impossible! Can u?

But, it is always of grave importance to pick the right kind of jeans from a pool of different kinds of jeans. The fittings, waist height, colour and design matter the most. So, before you compromise on wearing the same old jeans over and over, let’s go a virtual shopping here to find out what are the five must-have jeans variants to have in every girl’s wardrobe: 

Mom Jeans

Well! I call them revolutionary jeans. As mommies are the busiest women and are in dire need of a breathable, non-stuffy yet fashionable and skinny pair of jeans. Voila! Here come the mom jeans the amalgamation of the straight fit and baggy fit. See your favourite celebs in mom jeans, ain’t they killing it. Now, grab one for yourself!

 Get some ideas from the pictures on how to style them:

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Bootcut jeans

If you ask me, this is my go-to jeans. It is classy and will definitely give your personality a big shout-out. The beauty of flared jeans and skinny fit moulded into one. Now grab one of these-its best if it’s blue in colour- and update your status to hot mode!

Get some ideas from the pictures on how to style them:

image 12

Boyfriend jeans

Is there a perfect boyfriend? Yeah, there is… In fictions! Ha ha. No worries, grab a perfect boyfriend jeans meanwhile you find one. It’s tight at the hips and gets baggy as it goes down. The straight cut also gives you a casual and cool look. Now don’t give it too much thought, I mean we fall in love in lesser time than this! Go buy one.

 Get some ideas from the pictures on how to style them:

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Torn jeans

These are trendsetters no doubt. If your wardrobe still lacks one of these, this is the moment, go and get home one today! It made the messy look good and normal. Such politically correct jeans guys! Fun aside, it is tailor-made for anyone who wants to slay every day without much effort. If you are a daredevil, no one can stop you from wearing it on family occasions!

 Get some ideas from the pictures on how to style them:

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Skinny Jeans

It’s a warm hug on your legs! One for every body type and size. It has a snug fit from waist to ankle and takes the exact shape of your legs, thus enhancing your body structure look amazing. It is such a versatile buddy that looks good with anything you wear at the top from t-shirts, shirts to Kurtis. Skinny denim also gives you the illusion of longer legs, especially if they are high-waisted.

 Get some ideas from the pictures on how to style them:

image 13
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If you are first-time wearing jeans or are a go-to jeans person, hope this read has showered you with some ideas about how to wear your jeans right. 

A good collection of jeans and styling it right is all you have to do to become a fashion diva. Now tell us in the comments below which one you are going to purchase right now. 

Bye girls, let’s meet with another topic for the discussion! Tell me if there is anything in your mind by commenting on it.

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